Al Heimer Tools

imagesI cannot seem to find that tool. No wonder companies have a toolbox of wealth. I have put tools down when working on a car and they just seem to vanish. So for all the times in my lifetime that tools have just vanished I figure I have replaced them all three or four times. Now you take that amount and multiply that with how many people are in the world and you can see why people are filling their pockets. I have come to the conclusion that they were designed with slippery handles for a reason. Take a look at this picture. A guy is working on a bridge tightening up bolts with a wrench. The moisture from the day is in the air and the handle on the wrench is smooth. This is a combination for a oh-crap moment when you watch this tool falling to the waters below. Now if that wrench had a rough surface and also a wrist strap he could have saved himself from purchasing another. You see things are designed a certain way because of failure of human sense. I have learned that the more you pay for a tool the better the quality. Here is an example, I saw a guy selling tools on the side of the road. You know, we all have seen them with an old trailer and stuff all over the place like a flea market. One day I decided to stop and see what he was selling. Hey look! A multipack of pliers. I said for only five dollars? I will take it. Now thinking I received a great deal I decided to bring one set to work. The very first time I used the plies it blew apart. Cheap metal and that is why some company liquidated them. So my advice is to make sure to buy good tools and something with rough handles.  Tools should have a GPS locater built into them. This way we humans can find our misplaced tools. That is one thing I could invent, genius idea. Enjoy your day everyone, I’m going tool shopping.

©2014 Bilodeau,D.H.


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