Equipment At It’s Finest

imagesIt truly is amazing, or some telepathic connection, that every time you need something to work in the worst conditions it never works correct. We have a new storm brewing in the Northeast, Maine to be exact. I decided that I wanted to clean a little more snow at the end of the driveway before the next storm that is coming in tonight. I hop into the old plow truck and the starter makes that distinct click like the battery is dead. I proceeded to get the jump starter out and give the battery a boost. The truck starts after getting a few more electrons. I’m all fat, dumb, happy and I push the button for the plow from the hand controls. The power light doesn’t respond and now I’m stuck with another dilemma. I hit the on/off button a few more times and this time it responds. I move on down toward the end of the driveway and it feels like I have a flat tire. The tire is going flat and I’m stuck with another episode.

It always seems like when your equipment has to perform it seems to know and it rears it’s problems just to piss you off. I worked the night and came home. I took a nap from 0800 and then was called out at 0930 hours to another resident going through the same issues. His was much worse. I believe my truck and his truck were talking on the cell phone prior to our issues. This truck decided to catch fire and possibly almost ruined a young mans curly moustache. He survive the ordeal by bailing out of the truck. Equipment always seems to give you troubles.

I was once snowmobiling with my wife and two children. We had climbed a mountain in our region. We got to the top and was enjoying the 360 degree panoramic when we decided to drive back down the mountain. I sit down, put the kids in the dog sled, the wife was sitting with me, and the equipment failed me again. I could not start the snowmobile and we had to be dragged eight miles to the nearest road.

I’m sick of machines, all of them.  I have two riding lawn mowers incase one fails me. Last year both failed me at the same time. You see! They must of chatted with each other via email before spring. We will get him good on this one, Hee! Hee! Oh and when he goes to change the neglected lawn mower blade make sure it slices his hand good. Yes, I’m sick of machines. If only machines could talk, I would give them my two cents worth.

©2014 Bilodeau,D.H.


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