The Chocolate Hive

imagesUAC48CGNA microscopic overview, an inspection of myself is needed after a day of eating chocolate’s. I have to look back when I was a kid. It seemed like every Christmas I would break out in hives. To this day I wonder if it was the matching plaid pajama’s my twin brother and I received or the chocolate’s placed all over the house.

I have indulged into some chocolate this Valentines day and have checked everything from head to toe. I get a little nervous these days. There is a few spots I cannot reach anymore but a mirror works fine. It makes me realized that I do not have the body I did when I was a little kid. I could twirl my body around like a pretzel. These days I can twirl my body around like a monkey stuck in a tree. Oh! Oh! what the heck is this bump? Just a little mole I guess. That is another object that appears on your body out of nowhere the older you get.

I have learned of one candy that bothers me today. Peppermint Patty’s will put me into automatic sneeze mode every time I have tried them. I do not eat those anymore. I have sneezed on movie goers before.

I will sneak another Valentine candy and before you know it my wife will be without. That is ok, she doesn’t eat candy anyway. It is a strategic move on my part. It is all about the love, right? Oh, did I mention that I do not wear pajama’s to this day. I really do not want to wake up looking like the skittle guy. I’m going to enjoy this calm before the storm. Another snow storm in the Northeast. Enjoy your day folks.

©2014 Bilodeau,D.H.images


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