Witness to Birth

images976E72TIThe birth of a child in my eyes is the most amazing thing to be witness to. Our first child was a boy. I had worked a long night in the mill and came home to my wife looking at the clock. She was timing the contractions at ten minutes apart. We called the doctor and he told us to come to the hospital when her water broke. I had worked all night and needed to get a few hours rest because I knew this was going to be the day. My wife’s water broke and we took the trip to the hospital. It was a long labor, Fifteen hours before we witnessed our first child. I almost passed out when I saw our son born. It was so amazing to see a child coming out into this earth, crying, moving about, life from the beginning.

The second child came 4 years later. This was going to be our daughter. We had no idea back then what sex our children was going to be. This time I came home from work and my wife was timing the contractions. They were timing at five minutes apart. I remember that there was a big snow storm going on that day. We timed the contractions for a little bit when they were jumping from five minutes to two minutes. I’m thinking ok crap we better get a move on. I put my wife in the vehicle and off through the blizzard we drove. We were halfway to hospital when my wife yelled she had to push. No way was she going to have this baby on the side of the road. I stepped on the gas a little harder. We made it to the hospital. My wife actually walked to the front door and someone at the hospital asked if she needed a wheelchair. Oh, yes she did. We went to the second floor and met a nurse. We went into the room and the nurse states, I will never forget this. Ok, honey lets take a look. She replied, oh no. I said, What? She is crowning, which means the babies head is already coming out. I am thinking no problem. The nurse replied, the doctor lived twenty minutes away and it is storming. I had some delivery training when I was an Emergency Medical Technician. I could deliver this baby if no complications. We had to keep my wife from pushing until the doctor arrived. The doctor arrived and told my wife, ok you can push now. It was five minutes later we were looking at a beautiful baby girl. So precious to witness another child being born.

Two children to witness being born really was the most amazing thing I have ever seen. You could of been witness to a grown man crying on this one if your were there. It is hard believe now that those children of ours are adults and twenty-four and twenty-eight  years old. Time sure does fly, I just will never forget the most emotional moments, being witness to life.

©2014 Bilodeau,D.H.


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