Band Aid Kid

imagesSo many stories from the band aid kid. I was named that when I was very young. So much truth to this. One time I was riding my stingray bike down a big hill with a group of neighborhood boys and I decided to get brave. I first took my hands off the handle bar, that was going good, I then took both feet off the pedals. The bike went into a gyration and I splatted right on the pavement and rolled several times. I think I made a couple of flips too. When the dust settled I was laying in a puddle of blood. My bike was damaged and I was a quarter of a mile from home. You should of seen my mothers eyes when I came into the

Another story was when I was ice skating on local skating pond near the house. There was a limb hanging out over the edge of the pond. In my wisdom, or non wisdom, I latched onto the limb, my feet slipped and my face implanted into the limb. That took out my two front teeth.maxresdefault

Another time I was snow skiing behind a snowmobile. I had made shorties, or skis cut down in size. The binding’s were mounted up higher and no adjustments were made for the release of the binding incase something happened. We were eight miles out on the trail when I fell. One ski released but the other one didn’t. The rope had tightened up on my glove and I couldn’t let go. I tried to ski on one leg while hollering for the driver to stop. I finally fell but broke both tibia and fibula on one leg. I spent 3 months in a full cast.DSCF2394

I have had many of close calls but came out ok. I still wonder where my teeth are. I sure could use the real ones. I tend to take it easy today and do not take risk. I did however sliced my hand on a lawnmower blade while changing it last fall. That took nine stiches and I have a little numbness in that area now. I kick myself in the butt on this one. I just bought cut resistant gloves that morning and I didn’t put them on. Taking risk, not good!

I really like to have my body intact these day’s. Tell me about some of your stories. I would like to hear a few. Stay safe everyone.

©2014 Bilodeau,D.H.


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