The Asian Black Widow’s

third manBehind the corner of the building I could see him. He was standing at the edge of the building in the shade, I could not make out his face. Dark clothing had disguised him very good. I could see the glock pistol he was carrying. Why had I become a target? I had a very normal life. I worked in the Prudential Insurance building on Common Wealth Street . I was the head Insurance Adjuster for the State of California. Could this be of interest for some criminals in the city? I was questioning this in my mind when all of a sudden I saw another person on the other side of the street. This was a female in dark clothing. I thought for a moment I saw a flash of a camera. I was not smiling because just above my head the bricks on the building came smashing down upon my head. I was so scared that I ran down the street and into an Asian Restaurant. I could hear the clanging of pots in the kitchen. I found a closet to hide in. My breathing was so labored and I was shaking at the knee’s. Why was I a target? I still could not get this through my head. I waited for it seemed like hours before I came out of this closet.

I made my way back to my apartment to find it had been ram sacked and debris was strewn all over the place. Someone wanted something I had but why didn’t even I know what this was? I was walking around the room picking up things when I saw something shinning on the floor. It was a necklace with a tigers eye on it. I know I didn’t own anything like this. I was going to bring this to the police, in the district station, to try and get some answers.

I had talked with a detective McBrition. He was a portly man, and glasses as thick as magnifying lens. He asked me if I had ever seen a stone like this with tiger eye. I replied I had never seen this before. McBrition told me that it went back to ancient times and was tied to the Asian Black Widow’s. They were a ruthless group that would behead men or women for information being disclosed about their group. They were in the drug smuggling business and would also do anything or kill anyone that tried to get into their area of interest. I was just about to pass-out when the detective told me this information.

I went home and thought about what I had learned today. How was I, the little guy who works in a cubicle of any interest to anyone other than my employer? I had to find out more to save myself. I went to the local library to do some research. I was sitting at the table minding my own business when I looked up and saw a man walking real slow behind one of the shelves. Was I going to just sit there and wait for this person or was I going to run like a track star? I decided to wait and see if I could get a glimpse of this person. I put the book closer to my face. I heard a cough and then when I looked up I was hit so hard in the head that I saw stars. I tried to see who had hit me but the lights went out real fast. I woke up in the hospital, the nurses were tending to my wound. Things were still foggy and I was having a hard time making sense of it all. Finally a doctor came up and asked if I was awake. Yes, I think so Doc. What happen to me? You was hit in the head with a blunt object. We had to put staples in your scalp to put the laceration back together. You are going to be ok. My head was pounding. You have anything for this horrible headache? I spent a few days there and was discharged.

I was getting out of work one night and walking to the parking garage when I saw someone in the distance. They were holding a glock again and I had no place to run this time. After doing some research at the library, I understood what this group wanted. In the last forty-five years the government had been implanting chips inside babies. This information held info to New York Exchange and all the names and passwords to get to any account. The government had secret information that was sent to only a few influential people of the names of the people implanted. I now understood that I must of been one of them. The man was approaching at a fast pace now, I crunched myself real low down between two cars. My heart was pounding so fast and I was trying to slow my breathing down. I heard a loud pop and I looked down. There was blood flowing out of my stomach and froth was coming out of my mouth. I coughed a few times then I heard another loud band and a thud to my chest. I took one more last breath, and then I was gone. The man took out his pocket knife and retrieved the chip.

©2014 Bilodeau,D.H.


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