Bring On The Warmth

SnowDeerI find it hard to get motivated when it is only 12F outside this morning. I made my way out to the backyard to put feed out for the deer. I came back inside real quick because I was reminded real fast it was cold. We have an approaching storm that will hit the Northeast starting tomorrow. Local weather stations reporting a Noreaster. Usually this means a lot of snow. First amounts are reporting 8-12 inches of wet snow. The wet snow can be a real problem around here. The snow hands up in the tree’s and branche’s snap all over the place.818-tulsa-ice-storm-dec-9-2007

The electricity sometimes is out for days in this region. I remember one storm we had in 1998 that we had no power for 15 days. That is real hard to deal with. It is especially hard to deal with when you still have to report to your job site. I need to run a brush up through the chimney just to make sure it is nice and clean before this storm. The woodstove will be burning to full capacity and I really do not need any chimney fires. I am a firefighter and sometimes during harsh weather conditions I am out and about assisting others in need. I really need to make sure my own house is prepared for such a storm. Still, my motivation at this point in the morning is real low. I am finding it hard to go out into the cold right now just to clean the chimney. I certainly can understand how people in Alaska get camp fever. It is sitting in the house for day’s on end. It is too cold to do anything outside. I will have to get my self in gear and do the job at some point today. I am so wishing for spring, I need to get some real natural warmth in this body. They say the older you get the more you hate the cold. I now understand this very well. Have a great day everyone. moose-snow2

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    1. Snowing hard here in Maine. I elect to stay off roof top unless there is a structure fire. I still would rather not be on the roof. Also I use a roof rake these days. 8-12 inches of snow expected here tonight and another storm coming Saturday. Come on Spring.


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