The Square Feet Venture

2014-02-09 10.41.50I decided to feed the deer this morning. I walked out in my slippers mind you, my wife is not here today to correct me on this venture. I can hear her now, come on crazy man your walking out there in your slippers. Ok, she might be right. I filled the bucket with deer feed and proceeded to the back lawn. It is so cold here in Maine and I started to feel the cold ice moving up through my slippers. The walk out was much easier with normal feet but by the time I was finished laying down the morsels my feet started to feel a little square. I think my feet were becoming somewhat chilled to the bone. I made my way back to the house walking like a penguin. I’m glad my neighbors didn’t see this ridiculous man walking like he had something shoved up his arse. I couldn’t help myself at this point because my feet were starting to feel like a block of ice. Ok, I hear you lovely wife, you should not go out in your slippers. Yes dear! Glad she was not here today to witness the penguin carrying a bucket. The warmth of the house and the woodstove I fired up this morning was such comfort to the feet. I’m getting my feet back. The things we do to feed the wildlife. I hope that they appreciate the fact that I was in my slippers out there, just for them.


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