Staying Home From School?

imagesHVE4KIY9When I hear reports that schools are closing because of a winter storm approaching I have an increased feeling of calling into work myself. I remember the younger years when we would hear the reports on the local radio station. SAD 36 NO SCHOOL- It was a time of happiness. I could stay in my pajamies all day and watch television on the 5 channels we had. Make sure to turn the rotor on the roof to the west, best reception my dad would tell me. If only I was a kid again. This is my workplace calling. Due to a winter storm you do not have to work today. Darn it, does anyone else have dyslexia when typing? I do it all the time. NOT- NTO, AND-ADN, stuff like that. I think it is contagious because this guy I work with told me the other day he does it too. I replied to my workplace calling. Oh, I will have to think about this, I had so much to do at work today but really I think I would be much more suited to staying home. No problem! I do not however have this option where I work. Work has to be done and there really isn’t another person to just jump right in and fill the vacancy. I will think today of all you people here on the eastcoast staying home and enjoying the local tv stations, I bet you have more than 5 channels these days. I will consume lots of coffee, and will hope that this report of snow was just a hoax. This snow blowing adventure is getting old real fast this winter. I’m tired of fighting with the dog. He keeps jumping in front of the snow blower and has chewed my shovel to fragments. The only thing I want to do is sip coffee and stare out the window to view the local deer herds. I like to watch the birds too. One of these days I’m going to be watching seagulls, and no it will not be at the local McDonalds. Enjoy the day- Dwayne From Maine. © 2014 Bilodeau,D.H.





  1. Wow Gwen that was a long bus ride. I remember waiting at the bus in a blizzard. The buses would run no matter what back in those days. My wife works at a school. I think they have had 5 snow days so far. I think that is the max they can use. Now they will have to make it up if any more. I hear another storm coming into the eastcoast again maybe this weekend.


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