Axes of Ages

untitledLingering winters and men and woman chipping ice in their driveways. It almost sounds like a symphony around here with all the different chippings in the neighborhood. Some people have long handle axes and some with short handle axes. They each vibrate at different frequencies and make a distinct noise. When you live in a tight neighborhood it really is like a music ensemble. Dah, Dah, Dit, Dahhhhhh. I might have to bring out the golden handle axe my father gave me when I had my first child. This is the axe of all axes. He built it himself and hollowed out the center of the handle. He put it on a balancer to make sure that the weight was distributed evenly. The magic of this handle is he put a reed inside. With the vibration of the handle it will vibrate the reed and make a sound like no other. I can see all my neighbor’s heads turn in unison when I chip ice in my driveway. They are like, what the heck is he using up on the hill? I will never tell them because I have one up on them. I’m going to pass this axe down to my children, the first born, when he is old enough to swing the handle. I have to get ready for some work in the driveway so have a great day everyone , I will. Dah- Dah- Dit Dit Dit, Dit/ Dit, Dit, Dit ,Dah Dah.


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