The Tahoe Experience

800px-Emerald_BayOne can only imagine how a parent must feel letting their son leave three days out of high school. My brother and I had planned this move at the beginning of our junior year. We both had worked part time to save enough money to move from Maine to California/Nevada region. Lake Tahoe was nestled up north in the Sierra Mountain range. I moved to a town called Kings Beach in California which was a few miles from the Nevada border and only miles from Incline Village, NV.

My brother and I flew to Reno Nevada and our oldest brother had awaited us with a limo ride to Lake Tahoe. This was amazing. I remember looking at the Sierra Mountain range and my brother pointing out the fact that was where I was going to live. Lake Tahoe sits in the mountain range at 6300 foot elevation. A magical place to see for sure. Eighteen years old and in a new part of the world. What an experience of a life time.

My oldest brother hitched me up with a job at a local casino working in the basement where the warehouse was located for the Hyatt Hotel. They had five restaurants and full bakery, and meat department in there. I worked this job for just a little bit, interesting that my boss was from Mass. It didn’t take long and I decided I wanted to work in the casino somewhere. They had a buffet, all you can eat place. I started working there part time and also Valet Parking. Both jobs were interesting and I met a lot of good people. I still have one connection today to a lady I worked with out there.

Life of living in a tourist area did however get to me and it was time to move south. I moved to live with my brother in Phoenix, AZ. I still will not forget the beauty of Lake Tahoe and I’m going to take my wife out there someday. The skiing was incredible also, Squaw Valley, Kirkwood, Northstar, Alpine Meadows, Ski Reno, and Heavenly.  I could ski at Squaw for 10 dollars back then with company discount. Another thing I miss about the Tahoe area was the natural hot springs. One place I would go to cost three dollars and you could stay all day. It was kinda of a weird place because a commune owed the hot spring and they were a very interesting group to say the least. The woman had to shave their heads for a year for purity and stuff like that. Whatever, that was what they were into.

If you have never been to Lake Tahoe area, I repeat, GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! You will not be disappointed. It is gods country, the most beautiful place I have ever been witness too.

©2014 Bilodeau,H.D.


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