Month: February 2014

Embarking On Time

imagesI would rather not admit it but I’m creeping up on time. I know this for the  fact the calendar is reflecting back at me a big number for my upcoming birthday. I can say this in here because there is no hiding the fact anymore of this day. With online posting of birthday’s, it is impossible to hide. I do realize that in not that many years I will be embarking on retirement. I know this is going to sneak up on me real fast because it seemed like yesterday I was putting diapers on our children and now they are adults.

I have often pondered about living in a warmer climate. I’m thinking Virgin Island or Puerto Rico as great destinations. I would like to be a snowbird when I’m older. This dealing with months of cold temperatures does get to one’s mind. To me there is nothing worse than working all night, taking a nap when I get home, then having to go out and snow blow the driveway, or shovel snow. The snow is very pretty for the first month, then it can go away. I’m going to plan our retirement so that my wife and I do not have to battle the weather, at least not in the cold. We are still children of time, but in a short time, we will be seniors of time. st-thomas-wedding-and-honeymoon-attractions-magens-bay-beach

Sometime when I think about how time evolved, it scares me. I don’t want someone digging my grave yet. I dug graves when I was a kid and was always day dreaming about what these people did with their time. I do not have boats, motorcycle’s, camper’s, or even an inner tube for tubing. What I do have is time, family, and a whole lot of dreaming. Good Day Everyone, I’m a little late posting today, I had to pass a little time.


Only Minutes Of Clarity

Surgeons%2520Looking%2520at%2520PatientA call came out to a report of an unknown problem. My heart skipped a beat. I had to drop the tools I was using when trying to fix an electrical issue. I grabbed my pouch of tools and walked faster than normal. Someone is calling out for assistance of an unknown factor, they are in distress. My mind is trying to swap from electrical fixer upper dude to a medic. No reports of what has happened but to just report. I get back to my shop, drop my tools on my work bench, then retrieved my medical bag. I am no longer the electrician. I walk to the trailer where this person is located to find someone clinging, minutes to possible unconsciousness. I have to figure out in only a minute or so what is wrong with this person. My mind is still stuck at the electrical job I was just working on minutes before. What is wrong, I ask a few questions to the people around him and get a medical history report of the patient. He does have a medical history and I find that I can make a difference in a hurry. I reach down to my medical bag, take a quick inventory of my supplies and grab what is needed. I give this person a quick dose of what I believe his issue is. Within minutes this person starts responding to my treatment. He is starting to understand a little more than before and things are starting to come back to normal for this patient. Two other responders show up and we monitor this person for awhile. The patient shakes my hand when I’m leaving. It doesn’t get any better than that. I walk out the door and my mind has to swap back to electrician, just like that. Moments like this make you realize how precious minutes can make. Enjoy your day, I will.


The French In Me

imagesDXK6SCLYI have often wondered what part of me is the Frenchman. I know a few swear words in French and also a few things around the dinner table. I am full blooded French on both sides of the family. Don’t get me wrong I am French, I know it. I have been carrying a radio for my work places for almost thirty years and wondered how everyone communicated back in the day. The papermaker’s from my community were from French and Italian descent. I remember when I first stated working in the paper mills as a papermaker, that I remember the old timer’s using a lot of hand signal’s. I will give you a vision of a paper machine. It is about the length of a football field or longer and usually around 300 inches wide or more. It is a long way to try and talk to someone on the other end of the machine. I remember if a person wanted to tell someone he was going to bathroom, and to cover his job for a minute, he would raise one arm in the air and move it up and down. The reason this was developed was because in the bathroom above your head you would tug down on a rope and all the waste would flush down a pipe.

Another example was if you wanted the deckle on the machine to shift to the front of back. This is where the whole sheet of paper you are making shift an inch or so to the front or back of the machine. So one guy on the far end would get another coworker’s attention by waving his arms. He would take one hand and point to the right or left. It was called pissing in or pissing out and everyone understood this logic.

I still can catch people in the community using these signals. I saw a guy one day, with his middle finger up in the air. He was pumping his arm up and down then moved it to the right. Ok you want me to piss in a little there? These younger people, they need to make their signals a little more clearer. I once saw a lady in Walmart pumping her arms up and down to her husband in the back of the store. She was trying to tell her husband she had to take a chilopa, or go to the bathroom. He thought she was going to check out. This communication is losing strength around here.

I still however use hand signs and talk with my hands. It must be the French in me. I can count to ten maybe in French. I’m glad my Fire Chief speaks fluent French because we have a lot of Canadian’s that travel here in this part of the country. I been to many accidents that he was the only one that could talk to them. I tried once and only ended up swearing at them. I will keep my mouth shut next time. The lost art of hand signs from the paper industry is going away. Everyone is using radio’s to talk and no one is face to face in communicating anymore. Like SI said from Duck Dynasty, you don’t even smell them anymore. I’m pumping my arm up and down right now, got to go.

Ice Around Here

FallOnIce-738120We just cannot seem to get warm temperature,s around here. Last weekend it did get into the high 40’s but when getting out of work this morning it was zero degree’s F. Today as I sit here It is only 22 degree’s. The icicles are still hanging from the garage and house. The sun is showing it’s face from time to time but only for a minute or two and then back to overcast. Maine can be cold at times but this is unusual for temperatures to be this low at the end of February. The sneakers will stay tucked away for now and I will continue to wear my LLBean boots a bit longer. This cold cannot last forever right? I know probably in a few weeks I will be wishing it was cool and again. The icicles can be a real problem in places that you just cannot reach to knock them off.  I know where I work that there is places very high and icicles form and when we get a day of slight warmth these will fall. They will come down and destroy whatever is in its path. Here is a bridge in Maine that found out the hard way. Click on this to watch the video

There is a real difference from ice falling or falling through ice. Here is a pic of what you do not want, well neither is very good. 9f2f19f4-7584-4563-87a4-102fda04c894_650x366watch-a-fake-vw-touareg-falling-through-ice-on-live-tv-video-55410-7818-tulsa-ice-storm-dec-9-2007imagesA few clips of either ice falling or falling on ice picture. You can see that none of them are very good. So, I will sit here today and view the icicles from within the house. It will be warmer soon I hope, and then I can complain about the mosquito’s and blackflies. Another thing we have around here is ticks. I hate those worse than any other bug. I will take icicles any day.

The video clip used from a report from BDN Maine Midcoast report. This bridge is realatively new and no one ever thought this was going to happen. We had several ice storm this winter and all the suspension wire were coated. We then had one or two days of warmer temps and this is what happened.

Passing Down The Memorbilia

2013-05-12 18.43.28My old shirt doesn’t fit me anymore. I handed it down. 1981 Rolling Stones Concert Tour, Phoenix Arizona, Sun Devil Stadium. I will never forget that concert. I hung on to this shirt for years, and one day someone was wearing it. I was happy to report that it didn’t fit me, she liked it. Glad to pass the flag.  If you have something you have been hanging on to, just remember you will not outlive it. Pass it on.


Hand For You

imagesLVUEGR8IWho was that person who held my hand? I was involved in an auto accident last year and spent six months in the hospital for numerous broken bones. I was driving a semi truck down Route 68 out of Toledo when a small car swerved in too fast into my lane. The only move I could make at the time was to cut the wheel as fast as I could to prevent hitting that small car. I looked out at my mirror and could see my trailer fish tailing. When the trailer came around it took the cab with it. I went down over an embankment and smashed into several larger boulders. The cab exploded and that was the last thing I remember except for the moment someone was holding my hand. I woke from what seemed like hours. I could hear voices, cut the A-post, then the B-post, and remove the roof. Still someone was holding my hand and I could not see anything. This hand holding was what kept me going through this ordeal. The next thing I know was I was lying in a hospital bed. My eyes had been wrapped up because of injuries to my facial region. Someone was holding my hand. I called out, Who goes there? No one answered my call. I could still feel someone grasping my hand as to say hold on, we will make it together.

Time has passed now and I am going crazy as to who that person or being was that held on to my hand the night of the crash , also the hospital bed. Is there someone out there that goes from person to person helping people in need? I want this job, I could do the same thing. You are going to be ok because I have your hand. AHELPINGHAND.COM would be my business. I know that someone was out there that day. I could feel the warmth from their hand. Maybe it was some greater power that is beyond my imagination. Maybe I will never find out. I just want to thank that person for being there for me. This story is a Fictional. I was not in any accident. Good day Everyone. Cool in New England. ©Bilodeau,D.H.

I Found My Dream Girl

imagesAZMETHYNA mystical beauty I saw the other day. I was driving in my car down Route 42 when I looked out the passenger side window and saw her. I was so darn excited that I almost busted a vein in my neck. I swung my head around so fast that she almost could hear me. My breathing was getting very rapid and my pulse was pounding so fast. I had to slow myself down or I was going to crash this beast.  I had been looking for her for so long, I knew that someone would show her to the world. I had been looking on the internet, looking at magazines, and calling around. She just could not be found. I had dreamed of the day I would meet her, and there she was. She was sitting so prime and proper, looking sooooooo good. What a babe she was, or is, I just have to stop this beast and bare myself to the gorgeous girl. The fin on her trunk, the sleekness to her just drives me crazy. I have waited all my life, I finally have my dream girl,  right before my eyes. The Plymouth Road Runner Sports Car I have always wanted. The beauty, I’m about to lose control here. 1968-plymouth-road-runner-7_600x0w

An interesting fact about this car. One of these sat at a car lot not far from my house years ago. My cousin finally bought it and held onto it for years. When it came time to sell it the value of this car was unbelievable. I think he made out pretty good. Very rare to find these days. I just had visions in my mind today of driving by the car lot and seeing this when I was younger. The fin on the back really stood out. I’m going to break out one of these days and try a fast car. I have never had one. The fastest car I had was an old Plymouth fury with a 4 barrel. It was a retired police car but looked like a family car. Still would move. Classic Sports cars have always interested me. What kind of hot cars from the days do you remember or envy. Leave some comments below. I would like to hear. Ciao!

Maine Solitude- Don’t Ya Know

BaltimoreOrioleByJackBartholmaiThe Crow’s are cackling this morning. Love waking up in the morning and seeing all the birds, it brings me great solitude. An apple tree in the yard and many species of birds are fighting for the last remaining apples left over from the fall. I can see Balitmore Oriole’s and Blue Jay’s which are in competition for the apples. We had some deer this morning too that love when the birds drop the apples. I really cannot wait until spring when you can open your window’s and hear the sound’s of the birds. The deer are without feed this morning so a trip to the local country hardware store to buy some feed for them. Maine really has a lot of wildlife right in your backyard. Sometimes you just need to take a break from your stressful work schedule and open your eyes. The picture of the deer are in my yard and this is the apple tree that all the birds are going crazy over. Nice morning here in my area but a little chilly. Spring is around the corner, I’m counting the days-1-2-3-4————-12. Enjoy your day wherever you are and don’t forget to take a minute and look at the beauty that surrounds you. Put your cell down, open the car window’s and breath.

crowuntitled2014-02-09 10.41.50

I Won the Powerball

images772GAL4TI have come to understand the meaning of winning the powerball. I made a trip down to the local store and bought my tickets. I sat on a Wednesday night with ticket in hand and I believe I dosed off.

The bells were ringing and necklaces were all around my neck. I was walking down the street with music and trumpet playing.  I quickly noticed that everyone was wearing necklaces. I looked around and everyone was waving at me. Well hello Mr. Gladmere, How are you doing? I nodded my head, then another person, a young lady, was walking with me and telling me that we had an appointment with the Mayor of the city at eleven tonight. She was telling me about the purchase I was going to make in this town. I guess I was buying a whole city block. What? How in the heck was I going to afford this? It is starting to get cloudy right now.

Darn it is hot outside, where in the heck am I? I am feeling air blowing across my body and look up to see two young ladies with palm leaves swishing them back and fourth to keep me cool. It is getting blurry again.

The feeling of water is splashing on my face. I open my eyes and I’m in the sailing vessel I just bought, and I’m off  to Bermuda for the weekend with my wife. The kids are with us and both of their boyfriends and girlfriends. Our granddaughter is also in the wheel house. Pepe? Can I take the wheel for a little. Ok Han, no problem, I hope you enjoy it. This is going to be a wonderful day. I’m starting to fade out again.

Pilot please respond, this is Dallas International Airport and your are on a decent to runway 111, roger? Ok, I’m really liking my new 747 that has been decked to the kilt. Now I can fly all over the world in comfort. I am really enjoying being a Powerball winner. I have everything I ever wanted, wait I need a new car. I will buy something fast when we touchdown in Dallas, maybe tomorrow. Things are fading again.

Dwayne, wake up, Wake Up I said! It is time to go to bed. I look at my tickets and cross them for what is on the screen and not one number is matching. What I’m not a winner? Oh come on. Enjoy the night. Maybe next time.

Boy Next Door

nine_tips_to_destressFirst of all I want everyone to know that it is mental health week. So many people suffer from anxiety, depression, or other mental illness. It is not a rare problem, and it does not discriminate. So the story goes like this. I woke up in the morning to get a report from my dad that my cousin had taken his life. How sad, I know this person had suffered for years. Even though I didn’t know him well he was family. Later in the evening I was sitting on my couch catching some Olympic coverage when a report came out over the scanner that a possible suicide was apparent very close to my address. I couldn’t pin point where, so I tried to Google maps the location. It kept coming up right about where I lived. I was worried for my neighbors but still didn’t have the exact location. You really worry for people especially when it is your neighbors. It ended up being the boy next door. I am so sad for the family, I cannot believe this happened. The boy was so liked by all in the community-was a college student these days and was doing good. It is going to be a hard road for the family and I only wish there was something that could heal the pain. The community is here for you. Our hearts go out to the family’s of both these boys.

Please if you know anyone who is having problem’s be there for them, let them know that there is help. Talk to your loved one’s often and do not let mental health issues try to heal on their own. These people need help, Please help them. This link will bring you to National Suicide Facebook Hotline Page.


Stealing The Juice

untitledThere had to be a way to get the last glass of orange juice. I finally had realized that my sibling was kind of germophobic at a young age. One morning before going to school we were sitting at the kitchen table and he had filled his glass to the brim with orange juice and there was no more left in the container. I stared at it for a minute, trying not to listen to the demon on my right shoulder telling me to take a sip of that when he was not looking. The demon won out, I took a big gulp hoping my brother would not see me. It was a mistake on my part but I was all about sharing. My folks had taught us that right? My brother was so angry at me that I received the whole glass of orange juice. So I now had the tools to get anything I wanted when we were in short supplies.

This method has not been good to me. He now is about 150 lbs and I am a mere 207 lbs. I was sure my weight would go down after moving out of the house. I always made sure I had enough juice and milk in the house. I really didn’t want to take from the kids. The children are adults now, but the issue now is too much food and drink in the house. I am not going to feed these leftovers to the local pig factory.

I want to apologize to my brother for taking the juice, sorry bro but you have to share, right? Mom taught us that. My twin brother is in his 50’s today. Another caper solved and one off the bucket list. ©2014 Bilodeau,D.H.

Memes-Meme-or Memere’ is the Question

untitledThe generation gap is starting to elude me. I have finally come to realize that I have become my parents. I have tried to stay up with technology and somewhat terms used on the computer but I finally got whopped on a new term. Memes? Here in Maine in the French laiden area’s from where I live Meme is your grandmother. I responded to a young gentleman’s post the other day. It was put out that people are misspelling Memes. I put it out there that it was meme’ or memere. I decided to google this word because I had a feeling that something wasn’t right here. Wikipedia gave the correct explanation- is “an idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture. Here is the full explanation from Wikipedia-

I really have come to the conclusion that I’m falling behind in this technology and word changing world. Maybe that is ok, I will never keep up anyway. I guess it is better now to let the young take over the game. They are our future and a lot smarter than us older folks. How can they not be? They were born with this digital world, I am however a baby boomer. Television was new, no computers, no cell phones, and Meme’s were our grandmother’s. Enjoy the day! Bailing out the snow here in New England again. Shout Out to Luke N. you got me kid. ©2014 Bilodeau,D.H.

Of Medical Attention- Please!

imagesWho is there for me? I sometimes wonder if something happened to me that a responder would be near enough to help. Living in a rural community, the rescue service tries their best, but at times they could be quite far away. I hurt myself last summer and I was trying to make a decision to call for an ambulance or drive myself. It is hard making decisions in the moment. I sliced my hand, no it was not life threatening, so I decided to drive the truck to a local doctor. Still not a good decision but I made out reasonably good. I was stitched up and off I went.

I am a first responder at my workplace. We usually have three or four  guys that I work with responding to medical calls. It all depends usually how many of us are there. Someone might be on vacation, or taking a paid sick day. I sometimes wonder if something happened to me in the mill would there be someone to help me, like I have helped others. It is hard to get people to sign up for this extra duty when they are already doing their normal positions within the facility, including myself. I work as a electrician normally, but still respond to fire, hazmat, and medical calls. I  put myself into this position because I did this for 20 years at another industrial facility. I was not going to throw away a chance to save someones life if needed. I really do enjoy doing this stuff. But who is there for me?

Are people not signing up as responders for a reason? I wonder if they are scared of what they will see. Yes, I have been witness to some horrible stuff, but I look at this as part of my job. I would want the next person to help anyone in dire need. Bystander’s are always around when we have incidents, but are usually just standing there. I know these people would help out in any situations of an emergency. But still they hold back from signing up as responders.

The fact that I’m sitting here all alone right now and thinking about what if something happened to me right now? I  think that every human should have one of those life alerts available to them. I’m not just talking a cell phone. You might not be able to speak. I am going to ask the government for a grant so that all Mainers can use this service for free. I will call this service the Healthcare  Act 2014. Calling ALL MAINERS- YOU CANT GET THERE FROM HERE if you don’t have your new government issued life alert device.

On a serious note: Really, have you ever set out a plan as to what you would do in an emergency of medical attention? It is hard to put a band aid on your finger with one hand when the other is bleeding. DARN-IT I just spilled hot coffee on my foot. Oh the pain, so what do I do now? Goo on Boo or not? The answer is somewhere in a book, or on the computer, but now the foot is starting to bubble up and the pain is serious. Now you cannot walk to call for help, your starting to feel a little dizzy. I have the answer! Hit the Life Alert Button on your new Government issued button.

I will always try my best at being a medical responder and I would hope that some day if you ever thought about doing this stuff to please reconsider it. A life is worth saving. Enjoy the day folks, I’m styling in my new Government Issued Alert Button.©2014 Bilodeau,D.H.

Al Heimer Tools

imagesI cannot seem to find that tool. No wonder companies have a toolbox of wealth. I have put tools down when working on a car and they just seem to vanish. So for all the times in my lifetime that tools have just vanished I figure I have replaced them all three or four times. Now you take that amount and multiply that with how many people are in the world and you can see why people are filling their pockets. I have come to the conclusion that they were designed with slippery handles for a reason. Take a look at this picture. A guy is working on a bridge tightening up bolts with a wrench. The moisture from the day is in the air and the handle on the wrench is smooth. This is a combination for a oh-crap moment when you watch this tool falling to the waters below. Now if that wrench had a rough surface and also a wrist strap he could have saved himself from purchasing another. You see things are designed a certain way because of failure of human sense. I have learned that the more you pay for a tool the better the quality. Here is an example, I saw a guy selling tools on the side of the road. You know, we all have seen them with an old trailer and stuff all over the place like a flea market. One day I decided to stop and see what he was selling. Hey look! A multipack of pliers. I said for only five dollars? I will take it. Now thinking I received a great deal I decided to bring one set to work. The very first time I used the plies it blew apart. Cheap metal and that is why some company liquidated them. So my advice is to make sure to buy good tools and something with rough handles.  Tools should have a GPS locater built into them. This way we humans can find our misplaced tools. That is one thing I could invent, genius idea. Enjoy your day everyone, I’m going tool shopping.

©2014 Bilodeau,D.H.

Equipment At It’s Finest

imagesIt truly is amazing, or some telepathic connection, that every time you need something to work in the worst conditions it never works correct. We have a new storm brewing in the Northeast, Maine to be exact. I decided that I wanted to clean a little more snow at the end of the driveway before the next storm that is coming in tonight. I hop into the old plow truck and the starter makes that distinct click like the battery is dead. I proceeded to get the jump starter out and give the battery a boost. The truck starts after getting a few more electrons. I’m all fat, dumb, happy and I push the button for the plow from the hand controls. The power light doesn’t respond and now I’m stuck with another dilemma. I hit the on/off button a few more times and this time it responds. I move on down toward the end of the driveway and it feels like I have a flat tire. The tire is going flat and I’m stuck with another episode.

It always seems like when your equipment has to perform it seems to know and it rears it’s problems just to piss you off. I worked the night and came home. I took a nap from 0800 and then was called out at 0930 hours to another resident going through the same issues. His was much worse. I believe my truck and his truck were talking on the cell phone prior to our issues. This truck decided to catch fire and possibly almost ruined a young mans curly moustache. He survive the ordeal by bailing out of the truck. Equipment always seems to give you troubles.

I was once snowmobiling with my wife and two children. We had climbed a mountain in our region. We got to the top and was enjoying the 360 degree panoramic when we decided to drive back down the mountain. I sit down, put the kids in the dog sled, the wife was sitting with me, and the equipment failed me again. I could not start the snowmobile and we had to be dragged eight miles to the nearest road.

I’m sick of machines, all of them.  I have two riding lawn mowers incase one fails me. Last year both failed me at the same time. You see! They must of chatted with each other via email before spring. We will get him good on this one, Hee! Hee! Oh and when he goes to change the neglected lawn mower blade make sure it slices his hand good. Yes, I’m sick of machines. If only machines could talk, I would give them my two cents worth.

©2014 Bilodeau,D.H.

The Chocolate Hive

imagesUAC48CGNA microscopic overview, an inspection of myself is needed after a day of eating chocolate’s. I have to look back when I was a kid. It seemed like every Christmas I would break out in hives. To this day I wonder if it was the matching plaid pajama’s my twin brother and I received or the chocolate’s placed all over the house.

I have indulged into some chocolate this Valentines day and have checked everything from head to toe. I get a little nervous these days. There is a few spots I cannot reach anymore but a mirror works fine. It makes me realized that I do not have the body I did when I was a little kid. I could twirl my body around like a pretzel. These days I can twirl my body around like a monkey stuck in a tree. Oh! Oh! what the heck is this bump? Just a little mole I guess. That is another object that appears on your body out of nowhere the older you get.

I have learned of one candy that bothers me today. Peppermint Patty’s will put me into automatic sneeze mode every time I have tried them. I do not eat those anymore. I have sneezed on movie goers before.

I will sneak another Valentine candy and before you know it my wife will be without. That is ok, she doesn’t eat candy anyway. It is a strategic move on my part. It is all about the love, right? Oh, did I mention that I do not wear pajama’s to this day. I really do not want to wake up looking like the skittle guy. I’m going to enjoy this calm before the storm. Another snow storm in the Northeast. Enjoy your day folks.

©2014 Bilodeau,D.H.images

Little Balmy in Maine

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAmazing what a helping hand can do for you. I woke up this morning with a pile of snow that had accumulated throughout the night. A task that I really wasn’t looking forward to. We received about 12 inches of snow so far and it is still snowing. What is really getting to me is the weather man told us to add insult to injury that another storm is coming Saturday night with possible 6 more inches in my area. Coastal Maine could get 12-18 inches of snow. Argh! Enough of this stuff. I remember last winter it snowed every weekend for about 5 weekends in a row. So much for people that only have weekend’s off. I however have days off during the week and some weekends.

This Valentine’s Day has been good to me so far. My wife didn’t have to report to work this morning so she came out and gave me a helping hand. Awesome thing to have someone to help move some of this stuff. They say spring is five weeks away. If you came here I just do not see that happening real soon. There might be tulips coming up through the snow. Maybe the snow pea’s will be alright, but not the flowers.

The driveway is clear for now but I’m still counting snowflakes. The deer have been fed this morning and the birds are reporting to their feeders. This is Maine, we just have to hunker down sometimes and get-er-done. The dog is officially pooped out. He has chased every shovel full of snow. It is amazing to watch him go right into his crate and chill out. He really loves the snow and his crate. We leave it outside in the garage and it gives him a chance to chill and watch the outdoors at the same time.

We can complain or we can embrace the weather here. I’m not answering this right now. It still is better than the bugs. I do miss warmer weather, it will come soon and I will enjoy that too. Have a great day and don’t forget to wish your love one Happy Valentines Days.

©2014 Bilodeau,D.H.

Witness to Birth

images976E72TIThe birth of a child in my eyes is the most amazing thing to be witness to. Our first child was a boy. I had worked a long night in the mill and came home to my wife looking at the clock. She was timing the contractions at ten minutes apart. We called the doctor and he told us to come to the hospital when her water broke. I had worked all night and needed to get a few hours rest because I knew this was going to be the day. My wife’s water broke and we took the trip to the hospital. It was a long labor, Fifteen hours before we witnessed our first child. I almost passed out when I saw our son born. It was so amazing to see a child coming out into this earth, crying, moving about, life from the beginning.

The second child came 4 years later. This was going to be our daughter. We had no idea back then what sex our children was going to be. This time I came home from work and my wife was timing the contractions. They were timing at five minutes apart. I remember that there was a big snow storm going on that day. We timed the contractions for a little bit when they were jumping from five minutes to two minutes. I’m thinking ok crap we better get a move on. I put my wife in the vehicle and off through the blizzard we drove. We were halfway to hospital when my wife yelled she had to push. No way was she going to have this baby on the side of the road. I stepped on the gas a little harder. We made it to the hospital. My wife actually walked to the front door and someone at the hospital asked if she needed a wheelchair. Oh, yes she did. We went to the second floor and met a nurse. We went into the room and the nurse states, I will never forget this. Ok, honey lets take a look. She replied, oh no. I said, What? She is crowning, which means the babies head is already coming out. I am thinking no problem. The nurse replied, the doctor lived twenty minutes away and it is storming. I had some delivery training when I was an Emergency Medical Technician. I could deliver this baby if no complications. We had to keep my wife from pushing until the doctor arrived. The doctor arrived and told my wife, ok you can push now. It was five minutes later we were looking at a beautiful baby girl. So precious to witness another child being born.

Two children to witness being born really was the most amazing thing I have ever seen. You could of been witness to a grown man crying on this one if your were there. It is hard believe now that those children of ours are adults and twenty-four and twenty-eight  years old. Time sure does fly, I just will never forget the most emotional moments, being witness to life.

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Band Aid Kid

imagesSo many stories from the band aid kid. I was named that when I was very young. So much truth to this. One time I was riding my stingray bike down a big hill with a group of neighborhood boys and I decided to get brave. I first took my hands off the handle bar, that was going good, I then took both feet off the pedals. The bike went into a gyration and I splatted right on the pavement and rolled several times. I think I made a couple of flips too. When the dust settled I was laying in a puddle of blood. My bike was damaged and I was a quarter of a mile from home. You should of seen my mothers eyes when I came into the

Another story was when I was ice skating on local skating pond near the house. There was a limb hanging out over the edge of the pond. In my wisdom, or non wisdom, I latched onto the limb, my feet slipped and my face implanted into the limb. That took out my two front teeth.maxresdefault

Another time I was snow skiing behind a snowmobile. I had made shorties, or skis cut down in size. The binding’s were mounted up higher and no adjustments were made for the release of the binding incase something happened. We were eight miles out on the trail when I fell. One ski released but the other one didn’t. The rope had tightened up on my glove and I couldn’t let go. I tried to ski on one leg while hollering for the driver to stop. I finally fell but broke both tibia and fibula on one leg. I spent 3 months in a full cast.DSCF2394

I have had many of close calls but came out ok. I still wonder where my teeth are. I sure could use the real ones. I tend to take it easy today and do not take risk. I did however sliced my hand on a lawnmower blade while changing it last fall. That took nine stiches and I have a little numbness in that area now. I kick myself in the butt on this one. I just bought cut resistant gloves that morning and I didn’t put them on. Taking risk, not good!

I really like to have my body intact these day’s. Tell me about some of your stories. I would like to hear a few. Stay safe everyone.

©2014 Bilodeau,D.H.

Bring On The Warmth

SnowDeerI find it hard to get motivated when it is only 12F outside this morning. I made my way out to the backyard to put feed out for the deer. I came back inside real quick because I was reminded real fast it was cold. We have an approaching storm that will hit the Northeast starting tomorrow. Local weather stations reporting a Noreaster. Usually this means a lot of snow. First amounts are reporting 8-12 inches of wet snow. The wet snow can be a real problem around here. The snow hands up in the tree’s and branche’s snap all over the place.818-tulsa-ice-storm-dec-9-2007

The electricity sometimes is out for days in this region. I remember one storm we had in 1998 that we had no power for 15 days. That is real hard to deal with. It is especially hard to deal with when you still have to report to your job site. I need to run a brush up through the chimney just to make sure it is nice and clean before this storm. The woodstove will be burning to full capacity and I really do not need any chimney fires. I am a firefighter and sometimes during harsh weather conditions I am out and about assisting others in need. I really need to make sure my own house is prepared for such a storm. Still, my motivation at this point in the morning is real low. I am finding it hard to go out into the cold right now just to clean the chimney. I certainly can understand how people in Alaska get camp fever. It is sitting in the house for day’s on end. It is too cold to do anything outside. I will have to get my self in gear and do the job at some point today. I am so wishing for spring, I need to get some real natural warmth in this body. They say the older you get the more you hate the cold. I now understand this very well. Have a great day everyone. moose-snow2

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