Brighter Days

imagesDNNVRDPYIt is amazing how a sunny day can really change your outlook on the day. Your mood changes with it also. A swing in the pressure slightly and Maine has been put into a gleaming day of sunshine and blue skies. The birds are hitting the feeder, it really makes me happy to watch them in the feeder, which reminds me that it is time to buy some more. The squirrels are out gathering what food they can, expecting another cold spell, better get ahead you know.

It is a day of listening to music and stoaking the woodstove. It is still very cold but a warmer day with temperatures in the mid twenties. Not bad for this part of the country during our winter spell. People are out in their fishing shacks today and enjoying moments of standing around and telling fish stories with the sun at their faces. What a glorious day to be outside on the lake. Eagles are making their appearance for the anglers to view. They are in search of small bait or junk fish that have been left on the ice.

The music in my ears, sun in my eyes, come together to make this one of the better days of winter so far. You can only take so much cold and faded skies before you start walking with your shoulders down and getting a little depressed. They call it camp fever here, we do start getting real sick of being inside. I do not have a snow machine and do not ski anymore, so to have a day to enjoy the sun. even if standing with my face to the sun is a bonus. Have a great day everyone, I’m going to take in a little more sun.

©2014 Bilodeau,H.D.

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