An Easier Path- When?

untitledIt is amazing how in a snap, things can go wrong. It is a whirlwind effect that just doesn’t seem to end. There has to be some bad vibes, or moon phase that is happening right now. When is this two steps forward and one back  thing going to start. The wife and I are in our later working years and it’s the two back effect that just never seems to end. We both work but whenever we get a little ahead something comes up and we are knocked back down again.

I really am a happy person, but things just take me down and are out of my control. I’m sure things will get better. We just want to move ahead in our later years to a much easier and have less stress in our life. I’m sure it is right around the corner but the mechanical failures are starting to cripple me. I’m going to wake up tomorrow with a better outlook and move forward carefully. Come on dog, lets go toss a stick. I know, you like it, I will be right there in a minute, after I get done this blah- blah- blah. The older the house gets the more problems that come up. New windows last year and looking like a new septic system is next. The electrical stuff I can work on myself. Still when you own a home it just never ends. Now my wife’s auto starter is not working. You see one thing after another. I hope winter ends because I have a list of stuff to do.

Going to fix myself a nice lemon and water and chill out next to the television. Woof! Oh crap I forgot about the dog. Lets go Harold, sorry about that. Woof Woof, snuggle.


  1. This sounds exactly like something I would write lately. 😉 Sometimes I have to adjust my perception of the situation (remove my emotions), and at other times I simply have to let go of what I have absolutely zero control over. When things become overwhelming, step back and prioritize… using perception and releasing that need to control things we can’t. Life has this way of turning itself around… hang in there. 🙂


    1. Thanks Carolyn for the input. Your right some things we cannot control. It is hard when old man winter has its grip here in Maine. Certainly was not a good time to have a septic system failure. One day off and had to get this fixed today. I took a deep breath and got through it. I feel better now.


      1. My husband and I were custom home builders in Texas and had the privilege of remodeling a good portion of the home of some dear friends’ due to a septic system failure in winter. In the south, many folks are just not prepared when old man winter hits us hard. 😉 It was an awful mess, but on the bright side… he got that custom-built cabinet for his TV, and she got a whole new kitchen! Glad you got yours taken care of. 🙂


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