Calling On Me

imagesI have put myself in a responder position for a reason. Me, you need to take care of others because they need your assistance in an emergency situation. It is interesting that on my normal job which really is not a first responder that I take emergency calls for fixing equipment. I am on the other end of a radio incase of equipment failures. Really it is no different when Me, the take call person, or when I’m wearing the emergency responder hat that the two are very much alike.

Still today when the emergency call comes in I listen to the caller, gather all info needed , then bring associated equipment needed. The bells are ringing the moment the call comes out. Patient down, unconscious, and bleeding. I’m thinking all the way to the call what could have made the person go unconscious and what treatment needed. My heart still pounds on these calls and I have to take a deep breath sometimes, but I do my best for what I have been giving. The equipment failure calls are the same but I do not get excited like I would for a medical emergency.

I have to think now that it has been about 30 years that I have been in this responder business, and have witnessed a lot. I still love being a responder, I just hope someone is out there for me when I need it. Good day everyone.

©2104 Bilodeau,H.D.

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