In My Absence I Elect To-

images      After a two week hiatus of being sick and not really in the mood for writing I felt I would give somewhat of an update. Cough, Cough. You can only eat so many cough drops and drink bottles of cough syrup. I had come to my licks with this. It is amazing how the brain really cannot function when you don’t feel well. I elected not to let it get me down but after awhile your just so tired of it. I made the call to the doctor and found out I had Bronchitis . I knew that I had it again, like the fourth time in my life and usually after the flu. I cannot sleep and to cough all day and night my ribs are hurting and also my throat.

I elect to get rid of this virus and get back to normal. Been on the meds for a couple of days now and eight more days to go. Come on self, get back to normal will you already. Time will tell and I do not wish this on anyone. Cough! I cannot wait til spring, been so darn cold around here. Maybe I need a good Whiskey and honey mix, now I’m talking. A little snake bite my dad would tell me. It must work good because he is still drinking it at 83. Back to the workplace tomorrow, I hope this persistent cough will leave during the night. Cough!  I didn’t want to sound negative but to let you know how moods or illness really can affect your writing. Enjoy the day-  How does Crown sound? I elect this for the night.

© 2014 Bilodeau,H.D.


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