Mild Dyslexia-Not The Common Way

untitledThere is cases of Dyslexia that really messes with a persons ability to read. Letters and numbers are all backwards. I can somewhat relate to this problem. Mine comes in my typing only. Many times when typing my letters are all mixed up. The mind knows what keys to hit but the fingers do another thing. Ex:  THE I will put TEH other similar runs of letters I do this too. Ok, call me strange, but it is a function that effects millions of people in the world. I have looked up this problem on the internet and find that two out of a million people have this mild form of Dyslexia.

I would send my papers to the professor, and I would notice some of the small runs of words were mixed up. Circled in red, TEH, ADN, and others. It was kind of embarrassing. I didn’t figure out why I kept having this issue. I did more research to find that anyone who chewed Teaberry Gum from Maine back in the 70’s or even picked the wild berry in the fall could succumb to this mild form of Dyslexia. This is the reason that people of my generation didn’t have any hand/eye coordination with Nitendo, or even Pac Man, like the kids do today.

I have corrected my problem of hitting letters on the keyboard in the incorrect fashion. I moved the letter ” H” and ” E”  on the keyboard. Now everything is back in order for me. Did I tell you that submarines have screen windows? I do have a slight problem with typing and my letters do get mixed up sometimes. I do feel for people with Dyslexia and cannot imagine the struggles they face. Good Morning everyone, I’m going to nurse this darn cough. Maybe a visit to doc today.

©2014 Bilodeau,H.D.


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