Thriving In The Artic

1215719-568624-sneportraet It has come to my attention, or many other people’s attention, that a cold snap has hit us here again in the Northeast. We just cannot seem to keep our toes warm. Simple things like starting a truck or a car is even a task that becomes us. Electron’s are almost like us, when cold we don’t move too well. So again, I try out the plow truck with an impending storm ahead and it does not start. Dam, so cold and somewhat windy and now I have to do the routine of getting out the jump starter and giving it a boost. I wish it was that easy when we are out in the cold. Plugging into something to give us a charge. This cold is no good for nothing. The deer herds are taking a beating trying to snuggle up in groups to keep warm with the fear of being attacked by the coyote in the region. The birds do not seem to care to much, I have seen them gathering food all day from the feeder. I wonder why you don’t see a plume of frost coming out of their beaks when they breath. I guess we humans are full of hot air. The darn toes are still cold , I even have my LLBean slippers on. The truck is out warming, I will make an attempt again to gather up enough energy to go out and put cold air into the almost flat tire on the old plow truck. I have plunged into a hot coffee but it still hasn’t hit the toes yet. I will get warm today somehow. Maybe one of those snuggies is not a bad idea, you just wont see me in the cow looking one. Ok, out to venture into the cold again, maybe my dog will warm me up if I could only get him to come inside. He likes the cold, I know he should be inside where it is warm. Everytime he comes to the doorway he has a stick in his mouth. Sorry buddy, that stick is not coming into this house. Stay warm folks, I’m going to try later myself.

© 2014 Bilodeau, H. D.

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