Under The Weather

untitled   I have been out and about,but under the weather. This is a saying meaning not feeling good. Sometimes it could be self infliction, other times it sneaks up on you via a virus. I got hit with the bug and in a big way. It really takes your mind and puts it on hold for a few days. I have never coughed so much as with this attack on my system. It started out with a cough and this has been the worst of this sickness. My wife doesn’t want to be around me, I’m feeling a little sheltered. It is kind of like being in a bubble. Maybe if I lived in a bubble I wouldn’t have received this virus. I’m on the backside of it starting today. I’m feeling much better but my bones in my chest hurt from all the coughing. This has to go down and being one of the worst for me. The body aches, chills, fever, about everything that goes with the flu bug. I even had a flu shot this year, I just do not get it. Things are looking up, the sun is out today and the birds are awaiting my presence. Cold Artic air is going to fall down from Canada and we are expecting negative digits. So back to the routine of tossing wood and stoaking the fire as we would say. Good day everyone. I wish I was in the Virgin Islands.





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