Quest For The Best

untitled  Society in general has always told you to strive for the best. It might come in sports, like when you was a kid, or in your professional career. Yes, always trying the  hardest at what you do. But is there any room in the middle? We as a society have been schooled from the beginning to always try the hardest and to get to the top. What about someone that just is not capable, but still very qualified at what they do?

I have to think back at when I was a child and all the neighborhood children, from the little ones, to the big ones, standing in lines with the captain’s picking their teams. Some children were just born athletes, and were the first chosen. In the middle there was some good players, and some that couldn’t hit the ball with a two-by-four. These last choices made these kids feel degraded. They were trying their best at what they could do. Their quest for the best was the same as the others but by selection they were degraded. I feel that people in society are chosen by personal feelings of another person and not by the quality of what they are capable of doing. We all have a strong desire to do the best at what we do. Others are just natural at what they do, it comes easy for them. Still do not count out the other players of the team. imagesWM85JTZF

Striving for what we want out of life is the same thing. We all have goals,hopes, and dreams for a better future. What has changed in the last fifty years is beyond me. I personally saw a big changes in America when NAFTA was created. This was fair trade agreement. I do believe in fair trade but something went wrong with the  program. No one is out there policing the program and some countries are getting more for the buck. The industrial nation that we were is falling at such a fast rate that I do not see this country surviving. Just in this area alone I saw the woolen mills go. Also all your mom and pop stores are gone and all the shoe shop industry go. Even the credit card companies are closing their doors. I just heard today that American LeFrance, a builder of Fire Trucks is closing its business. They have been around for many years. It is a sad place our country is becoming. I hope that it is still around when our children and grandchildren are out trying to survive this downfall. So What do you have to say about all this? Please leave a comment. Like to hear a few. This is a picture of a paper mill I worked at for 20 years which closed it doors in 2008.images39S5IG3Q

© 2014 Bilodeau,D.H.

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