Basic Electricity Project

untitledOk simple little Home Project- Adding a new light fixture to your room. When you pull the light out of the box you will see that it has three wires. Black wire, White wire, and green wire. The black wire will connect to your hot and the white wire connects to your neutral, green wire connects to ground. So for instance you want to run this light from a switch. Ok think of the switch only breaking the hot wire, or black wire. So coming from your electrical panel will be black,white, green. Run these wires to the switch box. Next run the wires to the light fixture. Only on the switch, hook up the black wires, wire nut the white wires together in the switch box and hook your green wire together. Now at your light fixture hook up the black to black, white to white, and green to green with wires nuts. Don’t forget the light bulb. This is a simple example. There is other ways to hook up the setup but this is the basic hook up. If you want to run this light from two different light switches this is what they call using three-way or four way switches. I only gave you an example of a simple light switch and a light. Make sure the power is off before making any of these connections. Shut off breaker at the lighting panel or pull main breaker. Follow your electrical codes in your area for wire sizing. Normal here in USA is either 14-2 with ground. This is rated for 15 amps. When I refer to ground this will be the bare copper wire in the  Romex or buy wire rated for 15 amps Safety First  .©2014 Dwayne BilodeauuntitledPicture from

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