Journey Within The Outskirts

untitledA friend of mine called the other day wanting me to drive his way and go ice fishing. The preparations for this trip was going to be quick. I had to check my ice fishing traps making sure the spools still turned and the line wasn’t broken. I tugged on a few lines to make sure they wouldn’t break and caught my finger on a hook. I don’t know but there must be a magnet on those hooks because I always catch a finger on one. With all traps inspected it was time to make sure I had the proper clothing for a day on the ice.

I checked my dresser draws for my long johns and made sure to have layers of clothing. A tee-shirt, then lighter long sleeve shirt, then a hoodie. With all the clothing accounted for it was time to eat breakfast, then take my blood pressure pills, have a coffee. I then had to make sure I have a lunch for the day of fishing. I don’t usually have fish when I’m fishing. I like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with a bag of plain potato chips. I’m weird like that sometimes. Oh here comes trouble. Trouble is my dog and now he has concerns that I’m going somewhere. Not today there Sparky, another time I will take you. Those sad eyes are to die for, come on daddy, Please! not today, son. So , with all the food gathered it was time to load up the truck. I have my traps, ice auger, bait bucket, and food. Guess I’m ready for the trip. The travel is going to take 45 minutes into moose country. The roads might be slippery, ok maybe 55 minutes this morning.

This is a picture of me at Webb Lake, Weld, Maine last winter. Check the mountains in the background. Really beautiful. That is a brook trout I’m holding. This is what I am going to try and catch today. Elusive little creatures. Also if your into hiking there is trails that bring you to the top of Tumbledown Mountain. Check out the Lake in the middle. Beautiful up there.33980_3887727172115_1911327579_n

imagesDNNVRDPY6d43af0e7d37c14c7c9c8e3246d07900cac8ea7bI always enjoy traveling to this lake. Webb Lake in Weld, Maine. It is gods country, one of the most beautiful places around. Tumbledown Mountain in the background. It can be very cold on this lake with the wind whipping down the mountain. An ice shack is needed up there because Weld has their own weather pattern I swear. You just never know what the weather is going to be and it changes quickly. I’m looking forward to a beautiful day of fishing with friends and hope luck comes my way . Good Day Everyone.

©2014 Dwayne Bilodeau


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