John and Ralph

  untitled They had been planning a trip to Alaska for three years. This was going to be a camping trip like no other. John called Ralph again to make sure he was bringing his 30-30 rifle and enough ammo to last the two weeks they planned in the deep woods. Ralph asked John to make sure he had all the fishing gear and if he had to go to the store for anything. You know, last minute stuff. Looks like we have everything and Ralph told him he was going to pick up John at 0500 hrs. Be ready be square. John was wondering what he meant by be ready be square. Ralph always was making comments like this that totally made no sense. Oh, that was the way he was. A good nights sleep and off for our vacation of a lifetime. The airplane was taking off at 0700 hrs and we better be on time.

Ralph was honking the horn early this morning. John woke up early and had a coffee so he was quite ready. The trip to the airport was non eventful, with Ralph chatting all the way. Some people just talk to much, John had a headache now. The two of them gathered their gear and took them to customs to check it in. The rifle was going to be mailed by Ralphs’ wife and would arrive before they landed in Fairbanks. They both loaded into the airplane with John taking the window seat. images

The trip so far was very long and one can only read the magazines in the back of the seat so many times when you start going a little stir crazy. The plane had been flying for about four hours when suddenly there was a loud bang, a vibration under foot. The plane started gyrating up and down and baggage started falling from the cargo holds. We could hear alarms going off and the oxygen mask had extended. John and Ralph looked at each other and both knew that they were in big trouble. The plane started a decent like no other and the angle inside looked like we were going straight down, nose first. This went on for about a few minutes when the plane felt like it was starting to level off when all of the sudden the whole fuselage exploded. I could see people flying in the air and both John and I were bouncing off the walls of the plane. I hollered for John, and kept hollering. There was smoke bellowing, black, and I could see some fire ahead of us. People were screaming to the top of their lungs. Coughing, this black putrid smoke, to get even a little breath of air. The plane came to a stop and I knew we had crash landed somewhere. images

Ralph, Ralph ? Yes, I am right here John, you going to be ok? I don’t think so I’m coughing up blood and my right arm is severed. Please tell my wife I loved her, nonsense John, you are going to make it. Remember we are going on this camping trip together. We are going to walk right out of here and continue with our trip. Ralph? I’m not going to make it, you are my best friend, Tell my children I was the best daddy and I loved them. At that moment Johns’ color changed and he was gone. Ralph was devastated, his best friend was gone. imagesYL59QIUJ

Ralph had to figure out how to get out of the airplane. The smoke was choking him so badly that he had to escape now. He could see people gathering to the right side. This must be where the exit is located. Ralph made his way to the doorway and jumped. A slide was deployed upon impact so that emergency rescue was possible. Ralph slid all the way down to the bottom not knowing where he was in the first place. It was daylight, that he could tell through the black smoke. When he finally was able to get his feet underneath himself he took a look around to see where they might of landed. Certain things stated to look familiar, scents around him smelled like coffee. He could hear a bark in the distance and someone next to him where he was standing. Oh god where am I ? A voice, so gentle and pretty had  spoken. Honey! I made you breakfast, and made sure that all your bathroom supplies are packed. I wanted to make sure you was ready for the trip.imagesYZXJ2I7C

©2014 Dwayne Bilodeau

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