Route Four Passage

M3367S-4504   Wow, So many close calls through the years on this stretch of road. A main route through Central Maine that brings travelers to the mountains for their weekend getaways to Sugarloaf or Sunday River for skiing.

I’m not sure why this road is a magnet for car accidents. There have been many fatalities not to mention fender benders and rollovers on this road. The state road does have long straight- a way’s, also lots of curves. I find a lot of the accidents occur on the straight stretches of the highway. From my own opinion, I would think that most accidents here occur because of drivers not paying attention. I have seen an increase in accidents that look like someone just had their head down. Maybe cell phones are the issues. It is nice to see some people do drive off to chat on their cell phone. I do believe that pull overs, more than breakdown lanes should increase so people can stop to talk on their phones. images8JLIQJ61

You can find a lot of logging trucks bringing their loads to the local paper mills. There is also a lot of trailer trucks bringing paper loads or supplies to this region. You really do have to pay attention on this highway. Changes have been made on certain area’s to slow down traffic. One place the road was double lane and now it is down to one lane and reduced the speed limit. Some changes I see have been with people’s safety in mind. Please be careful still when driving in Maine on Route Four, I would!

©2014 Dwayne Bilodeau



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