Fragmented Patterns

images  Where in time has things always come together in one place? Everything has a pattern, like a puzzle that has to be organized together to be organized into one great conclusion. We move on through life trying to organize our life into a pattern. A path into life to make sure we are doing what makes sense. Can we as humans be organized enough to piece together a life of completing the puzzle? We are programmed into a life of organized patterns. Grade school, then meet someone, then have children. Buy a car, then a house. We move on in an organized sequence. Have you ever wondered how this program started. It is the same pattern, fragmented or not. but a pattern that somewhere in time was started. We can move on through our lives and try to deviate, but we always are brought back to the same thing. Lines, squares, circles, whatever you call it. It is a sequence that we have no control over. What can break a pattern that has always been?

It really does amaze me how we are so programmed, we are one. The same,  no other planet can change how we exist. As Ayn Rand stated, there is no we, but I. So I can be different, but this will break the pattern of life. Why cannot we change the way things are, who developed them, I will have to move on through life and be part of this fragmented life. Do not change this life, it was set in stone. I cannot change it.

©2014 Dwayne Bilodeau


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