Sunshine-Just What The Doctor Ordered


Many days of dim light will darken ones imagination. It is these days that writing places you into a dark place. A supercharge of sunlight is what is needed, today is the day. A nice drive in the truck this morning just brought the mind to another place. Going a week at a time with no sunlight or dim light does take you down a notch. Today is glorious with the sun glowing so bright. The colors outside are back to normal and the colors of a rainbow are back. The trees are green the sky is blue, the neighbors truck is red, I can see this spectrum now that we have bright light. I can imagine how people in Alaska must feel during those days with no sunlight. I can see where a person could become depressed at times. The birds are out and about, gathering what they can find in my feeder today. I will have to give them more seed, it is the least I can do. Water is running off the roofs and birds are drinking from the puddles. I even caught my dog drinking from one of these puddles. Frozen ice in his dish doesn’t cut it. He could come inside for some real water but a drink from mother nature will do.

I have awakened with a new outlook today. It is a new day, one us Mainer’s deserve after fighting with all the freezing rain. This is going to go down as one of the worst winters. More rain and freezing rain than any winter I can remember from. A glimpse of tomorrow’s weather outlook is freezing rain in the morning. I’m loaded with more sand for the driveway and ready to take what comes our way. I will however include this day as one of the best days so far this winter. I’m going outside to capture what is left of the warmth from the sun. Good day everyone.
©2014 Dwayne Bilodeau



  1. That’s funny, it’s the same thing here for us but because of the heat! So hot here that the only way to survive is to keep the house closed up. Then when it cools down a bit everyone is going out at night, driving in the cool or sitting on their front verandas – I feel like a bat! The plus side is I just took some great night photos of the river! Cheerio.


    1. I do not wish the heat on anyone. I’m sure where you live it is summer. I could use a little of summer or even spring here. I hope you get some relief from the heat I know how dry it can get where you live. Stay cool!


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