Living Life Where I Grew Up


I know many people have lived a life of travel, I have not. I grew up in this small town in Maine. My forefathers were papermakers and my family settled along the Androscoggin River Valley. Logs were brought down the rivers years ago and paper mills would use this for their business. I remember the large woodpile’s as a child in the foreground of the church we went to. The town always had an aroma that wasn’t so pleasant. My dad would tell me that is the smell of money. It is funny that today that particular mill is closed down. Most people in this area worked in these mills or some business associated with it. Maybe some hauling wood pulp or the logging business.


I lived most of my life here. I like the small town community feeling. A person can feel secure somewhat here. I travel a short distance to my workplace which is a nice ride. I travel by a couple lakes on the way to work. There is wildlife everywhere you look. You can see deer on a regular basis here and an occasional moose or bear. The eagles fly around the region in numerous numbers. So to live in the same town where I grew up is not a bad thing. I did venture outside of the box when I graduated high school. I left for California to live around ski country in Lake Tahoe. Beautiful country but it was not home. I lived and went to school in Phoenix Arizona in which I received my education in a Technical School. Phoenix was a great place back then and it took care of my wild side for a bit. It still wasn’t home. I moved back after a few years and found a wonderful lady,  married, and  had two children. There is something to say about living where I grew up. I can drive down the road or go into a store and see people I grew up with. I have seen these people age with time, just like myself.  These people just like me who decided to stay in this small community. 16_ Maine st_ Livermore Falls-kab_thumb[3]

Sometimes I think about living somewhere else, but what else has all these benefits. Local people, family nearby, children living near. It is why I made the decision long ago that things would be ok to raising my family here. Maine really is a great place to be. We do have long winters but you can just throw another log on the fire. I’m staying home for awhile, my hometown.

You can steal me and use me as your own

©2014 Dwayne Bilodeau



    1. Yes, there is something about a small town life. We have to travel like 30 minutes just to go to the movies. Still I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Solitude at its best.


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