No More Polar Vortex

imagesY5J56Y8XA Vortex of sort that is sucking down all the cold air from Canada. What most do not know is the Vortex also takes in the cold air but also produces colder air.

A little History this one technician told me. The difference in pressure inside the Vortex with it spinning is what causes the colder air to escape. Way back when River Paddle boats were transporting people they had to find a way to keep food cool. Don’t ask me how it was performed but they created a vortex in a room where the food was stored, thus keeping the food from rotting.

Vortex’s are used everywhere today. We have them on control boxes in the power plant that I work at. It if you put mill air into the Vortex the output is much cooler air so we pump this air into the inside of the box to keep the electronic stuff cooler. We also use Fireye’s on the boiler to detect flame and this also has a Vortex which will keep the electronic in the eye from heat failure. So Vortex’s are used in lots of applications.

The only Vortex that we do not want this time of year is the Polar Vortex. The air coming into the Vortex is already very cold and to make it drop temperature on the output of this is bad news for most of United States. I hope this thing clears soon because my wood supply is dwindling quite rapidly. I think the wood is in direct proportion with the Vortex.

Stay warm folks and keep an eye on the elderly. I’m going in for another sip of hot coffee.

© 2014 Dwayne Bilodeau


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