Inner Working of Something Good

imagesFEI2I2UZIt is interesting when you hear news of changes to take place. You wonder if they are for the good or not. Changes in your life can be a good thing but can have stipulations they go with them. You can think at one moment this change is going to be something that is going to be better for you, but you sometimes have to look at all the little details that go along that could effect you down the road.

I think change is good .  This global economy is in sad shape, I worry about the future. I want security just like anyone else. My house is not a home without a strong support system. Everything derives from the security that I have. I know that the word security is something that means your stable. Here comes the word security again. Nothing is secure anymore, be thankful I have employment. I understand this really, I’m very thankful. I still worry about changes and how it could effect my security, my life.

I plug away at the years and hope that things in the country turn around, but sometimes I wonder. Can we compete in the Global Community. I’m not sure ,but I see that more jobs are falling off, and not enough good skilled jobs coming back. Only the future can tell . I hope I can still be of importance in the future.blogengage, rss, affiliatelights, recurring commissions

©2014 Dwayne Bilodeau


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