Great Start To Something

78056dac939c42d686967c7149e0db2cWaking up this morning at 7:30, which is sleeping in for me, is the beginning of a wonderful start. I ventured out into the frigid cold air, like -12F, to start the truck. The truck started with a struggle. It made funny noises a little but it started. I went to the store to get supplies for a breakfast of champions. I started the bacon early and the spouse found a package of sauce to make eggs benedict. Yum, one of my favorites. 

The sun is out and a wonderful morning. The trees still have ice wrapped around them from an ice storm we had a week or so ago. The sun sparkles through to make a wonderful site to see. The frost is everywhere and reminds us that old man winter has taking over this area. It still is a very beautiful site to see. The ride to the store I  pass Brettuns Pond ,the ice fisherman are firing up their woodstoves. I like to look out to the lake because it is a common thing to see Bald Eagles flying to catch a snack of old bait laying on the ice. They will also grab an old yellow perch or a pickerel that has been discarded. I’m still having a hard time this morning to make a decision to do outside activities today. The Christmas decorations on the shrubs are still there and all the electrical cords are frozen into the ground. I believe that they have a home for the rest of the winter.

Old fuddy duddy I might be, but one thing I do know is loading a woodstove and enjoying this great heat is a job that I function well with. The coffee has to be monitored and petting the dog is very important things to consider. The cold temps do change your priorities. There is something positive about today ,we are one day closer to spring. Think of this, the leaves are starting to sprout, and the grass is getting greener. The bugs are coming out and the birds are returning from their long trip from the south. So I will chock this day up to a day of warmth and think a little about what is next to complete another cycle of time.

 I look out at the deck this morning and it is covered in snow. This will have to be removed today. It has been pulling at my mind, it might win over. I have to go put another log on the woodstove. Have a great day everyone.

©Dwayne Bilodeau 2014



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