The Milk Man

pLQ05PfQ8sTTlgu5Time sure has changed. I guess I can be classified as an older person because the milk man would come into our house and put the milk in our refrigerator when we was sleeping in the morning. I always knew he was there because you could hear the clinking of the glass bottles.

Watching the milk trucks was like watching the ice cream trucks. I remember it was Hood Trucks around here. I loved it in the summer the neighborhood kids and I would run down the street to get a sliver off the block of ice. Cheap man’s popsicle, but we looked forward to it every summer.

I always loved the glass bottles when in primary school. I think it was around elementary school that they changed to the carton pint size milk servings. The days of the glass bottle’s disappeared forever. Some things were better left alone.

I still look down the road on occasions and think the milk man is coming down the road. Clink Clink, here he comes again. Later stay warm anyone in the northeast. Burr!      © Dwayne Bilodeau 2014



  1. Your blog is a serendipitous discovery! I enjoyed this nostalgic piece about the milkman. Our house is about 50 years old and we have a cubby hole cut into the brick wall that opens from inside and outside. It is intended for milk deliveries. It has been sealed up now and doubles as a mailbox and beer cooler (in the winter). Also, I am currently working on a novel set in a fictitious one horse town where the central employer is a paper mill. I look forward to more anecdotes.


    1. Very Interesting Gwen. I live in a very small paper mill community. I have worked in the paper industry for 25 years. Both my grandfathers worked in the mills and also my dad for 43 years. My brother,children,wife,and sister-in-law all worked the industry. The industry is struggling today and I hope it survives. I like the story you told about the slot for the milk crates. That is cool but I’m sure a lot of homes had that. I can see where it makes a good beer cooler now. ha. Good luck with your novel it should be a good one.


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