Appearance of Stuff

untitledI have been accused of not noticing stuff in the house. Pictures that are put on the wall just appear out of nowhere. I have to admit that I walk with my head down at times. This morning I’m sitting here and magically for some unknown reason I put my head up and noticed a new calendar had been put on the wall. Someone is in this house during the night putting stuff up. I know it! I have proof that this calendar wasn’t there yesterday. I will have to let my spouse know that I saw the calendar on the wall. It surely will make her happy that I noticed something.

We all can have our blinders on from time to time and we don’t even notice the beauty that has been put fourth, right in front of our own eyes. The stress of everyday life just keeps us so bottled up at times that we need to stop for a moment, take a breath, and look around. Hey you might even see your spouse putting that calendar up. Darn it, where did I put my coffee cup? I cannot find my glasses, I have to work in an hour, brush my hair, brush my teeth, go start the car, eat breakfast, where is my coffee cup?

© Dwayne Bilodeau 2014


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