Month: January 2014

Gleaming Pussy Willows and Cattails

imagesWhen we were kids we would take the Cattails and hit each other with them until it all fell apart. Another thing we would do is soak the Cattail in gasoline and use it as a torch at night. They would burn for quite a long time and put off some good light for us night dwellers. Another one I always enjoyed was Pussy Willows. The soft gray and fluffy bud on a branch. Not much to do with these but rub them on your cheeks and feel the softness. They also look very good in a vase on the fireplace mantle. untitled

The funny things we played with when young children. The kids in the neighborhood would venture into the cow pastures and woods in our region and try to find anything to pass the day. We would knock old rotten trees down just to see them crash to the ground. Sometimes we had to run like heck because a beehive was inside. We would also go to the local brook and either fish for trout or just tip over rocks to find a crawdad or a newt. We would also build teepee’s in the woods with pine bowels. So many things we would find in the great outdoors. We learned about nature in our own way and loved every minute of it.untitled

Interesting that today I hardly venture into the woods because ticks have infested our region. You cannot even go in the woods unless you check yourself after by stripping down and having someone inspect every inch of your body. Sometimes this is not a bad thing. A lot of single people have Lyme’s illness because no one could check them. untitled

I cannot wait til spring so I can go to the flower shop and get me some cattails and pussy willows. This ole boy is not going in the woods this time. Enjoy the day, I will.

©2014 Bilodeau,H.D.

One Moment In Time

images It seemed like yesterday that my friend Jeff and I decided to skip classes and go to the beach in Southern California. We had picked up some beer and smokes from the local store and was going to party the day away.

Laying on the beach, around lunch time and I dozed off for a minute. I guess the excitement had run me down. I decided a short nap was in store. The girls and Jeff ,were out in the surf enjoying the waves. I snoozed off.

Things are getting foggy now and I’m dreaming of my family. I still have my parents and one sister. My sister and I are close in age and are very best friends. I can now see her in my dream, it is Thanksgiving dinner and the whole family is sitting around the table. My sister is quite a joker and makes me laugh at every moment. I think she moved all the silverware around that my mother had so elegantly placed in order. Now everyone’s fork was on the opposite of where it was. My sister wanted a reaction out of my mother so she could get a good laugh. My sister had that gift like no other. She made people feel good, happy, and to make them smile.

I think I’m coming out of this snooze, waking up now and I can hear the gulls above. Screech-Screech.

It is getting late afternoon, time to leave for home. We have to be back early so we can make it look like we went to school. If I come home the same time, my mother will think I just got out of school. We are driving down Highway Five , I look up ahead and there is some kind of accident. A gray colored mustang is on its roof. Jeff mentions to me that my sisters boyfriend has a car like that. She always rides with her boyfriend. We decided to stop and see if it was her and her boyfriend. I walk up to the car and the medics are tending to a woman. I look down and it is my sister. So shocked, I don’t even know what to say. I said to her, sis? You ok? She replies; Yes I will be ok and to meet me at the hospital down the road.  Jeff and I and the girls hopped into the car and raced off to meet my sister at the hospital. The ambulance arrives and we are waiting for them to take her out on the stretcher. One attendant comes outside and walks up to me . Sir, Are you family. I replied, yes why? Your sister didn’t survive that crash. We think her Aorta was ruptured from the impact.

My heart was broken. It has been 40  years now, memories of that day are fading. I just want you to remember that in one moment in time, your loved ones can disappear. Always tell them you love them and give them a hug, it might be your last.

©2014 Bilodeau,D.H.

Brighter Days

imagesDNNVRDPYIt is amazing how a sunny day can really change your outlook on the day. Your mood changes with it also. A swing in the pressure slightly and Maine has been put into a gleaming day of sunshine and blue skies. The birds are hitting the feeder, it really makes me happy to watch them in the feeder, which reminds me that it is time to buy some more. The squirrels are out gathering what food they can, expecting another cold spell, better get ahead you know.

It is a day of listening to music and stoaking the woodstove. It is still very cold but a warmer day with temperatures in the mid twenties. Not bad for this part of the country during our winter spell. People are out in their fishing shacks today and enjoying moments of standing around and telling fish stories with the sun at their faces. What a glorious day to be outside on the lake. Eagles are making their appearance for the anglers to view. They are in search of small bait or junk fish that have been left on the ice.

The music in my ears, sun in my eyes, come together to make this one of the better days of winter so far. You can only take so much cold and faded skies before you start walking with your shoulders down and getting a little depressed. They call it camp fever here, we do start getting real sick of being inside. I do not have a snow machine and do not ski anymore, so to have a day to enjoy the sun. even if standing with my face to the sun is a bonus. Have a great day everyone, I’m going to take in a little more sun.

©2014 Bilodeau,H.D.

Whispers In The Wind

SÓLO-PARA-ENAMORADOSWhisper in the wind, you are out there, I can hear you calling. What I hear is the love one I so dearly long for. The voice out of nowhere, in a moment not expected. You have been gone for so long and I wait for the whisper in the wind. I know you are out there. You have been calling, how do I connect with you? There is so much that we need to talk about. Our kids have grown, Amy has a child now, she is such a doll. If only they could hear your voice. Maybe you can whisper to them, you hear me? The other day when driving to see your mother a song came on the radio, it reminded me of the time we was going on a picnic to the State Park in Johnsburg. Remember how we sang, On The Road Again, Must Be Nice to Be on the Road Again. We laughed and giggled all the way. Are your hearing me right now? Honey, why did you have to leave me so soon, I’m not sure I can go on without you. I swear I can see you, if only I could smell you again. The pillow still has the scent of you, it is fading fast. Please honey! Whisper to me again, I need you.

©2014 Bilodeau,D.H.

An Easier Path- When?

untitledIt is amazing how in a snap, things can go wrong. It is a whirlwind effect that just doesn’t seem to end. There has to be some bad vibes, or moon phase that is happening right now. When is this two steps forward and one back  thing going to start. The wife and I are in our later working years and it’s the two back effect that just never seems to end. We both work but whenever we get a little ahead something comes up and we are knocked back down again.

I really am a happy person, but things just take me down and are out of my control. I’m sure things will get better. We just want to move ahead in our later years to a much easier and have less stress in our life. I’m sure it is right around the corner but the mechanical failures are starting to cripple me. I’m going to wake up tomorrow with a better outlook and move forward carefully. Come on dog, lets go toss a stick. I know, you like it, I will be right there in a minute, after I get done this blah- blah- blah. The older the house gets the more problems that come up. New windows last year and looking like a new septic system is next. The electrical stuff I can work on myself. Still when you own a home it just never ends. Now my wife’s auto starter is not working. You see one thing after another. I hope winter ends because I have a list of stuff to do.

Going to fix myself a nice lemon and water and chill out next to the television. Woof! Oh crap I forgot about the dog. Lets go Harold, sorry about that. Woof Woof, snuggle.

Calling On Me

imagesI have put myself in a responder position for a reason. Me, you need to take care of others because they need your assistance in an emergency situation. It is interesting that on my normal job which really is not a first responder that I take emergency calls for fixing equipment. I am on the other end of a radio incase of equipment failures. Really it is no different when Me, the take call person, or when I’m wearing the emergency responder hat that the two are very much alike.

Still today when the emergency call comes in I listen to the caller, gather all info needed , then bring associated equipment needed. The bells are ringing the moment the call comes out. Patient down, unconscious, and bleeding. I’m thinking all the way to the call what could have made the person go unconscious and what treatment needed. My heart still pounds on these calls and I have to take a deep breath sometimes, but I do my best for what I have been giving. The equipment failure calls are the same but I do not get excited like I would for a medical emergency.

I have to think now that it has been about 30 years that I have been in this responder business, and have witnessed a lot. I still love being a responder, I just hope someone is out there for me when I need it. Good day everyone.

©2104 Bilodeau,H.D.

In My Absence I Elect To-

images      After a two week hiatus of being sick and not really in the mood for writing I felt I would give somewhat of an update. Cough, Cough. You can only eat so many cough drops and drink bottles of cough syrup. I had come to my licks with this. It is amazing how the brain really cannot function when you don’t feel well. I elected not to let it get me down but after awhile your just so tired of it. I made the call to the doctor and found out I had Bronchitis . I knew that I had it again, like the fourth time in my life and usually after the flu. I cannot sleep and to cough all day and night my ribs are hurting and also my throat.

I elect to get rid of this virus and get back to normal. Been on the meds for a couple of days now and eight more days to go. Come on self, get back to normal will you already. Time will tell and I do not wish this on anyone. Cough! I cannot wait til spring, been so darn cold around here. Maybe I need a good Whiskey and honey mix, now I’m talking. A little snake bite my dad would tell me. It must work good because he is still drinking it at 83. Back to the workplace tomorrow, I hope this persistent cough will leave during the night. Cough!  I didn’t want to sound negative but to let you know how moods or illness really can affect your writing. Enjoy the day-  How does Crown sound? I elect this for the night.

© 2014 Bilodeau,H.D.

Time For Healing

imagesY5I1B5QS  She caught my eye when I was a young man, grade school if I remember. There was that twinkle in her eye that totally won me over. It was during the junior high years that I finally got up enough nerve to ask her for a date. The words from her mouth, well it is about time you asked me. Had she known I had a secret crush on her?. Maybe it was esp, or some telepathic thing that connected us. Life for us was just beginning, I knew from this moment that the two of us belonged together forever.

The high school years were no different, many nights out at the movies, going to sporting events, life was good. She still had that twinkle that I had noticed as a young man. One night after going to a movie and on the drive home she snuggled up real close to me. We approached the driveway to  her parents house and I turned off the car like I had a millions times. Usually it was, hey see you tomorrow, and I would reply, all right see you. This time she snuggled up close to me and looked into my eyes. The twinkle had brightened, we stared at each other for a moment, then she put her  arms around me and pursed her lips. This was a moment I wasn’t prepared for. I hadn’t even kissed my dog before and here before my eyes was the most beautiful girl in the world ready for a kiss. I moved forward and kissed her, and kissed her, I think we did until daylight, it was magical.

Life had moved on and we graduated high school. I was drafted and spent a year in active duty. When I returned life for us was going to take a drastic turn. She had told me she had not been feeling good. The doctors confirmed that she had leukemia. My life was shattered. I had dreams of being with her the rest of my life. Now she was fighting for her life. A few months had passed and her illness was not getting any better. The twinkle in her eyes were gone. Another month had passed and her parents called me one night to tell me that she was asking for me. She was now in a home of solitude, a place to have full care until the end. I put my sneakers on real fast after the call and made a bee line to be at her side. I walked up to her bed and looked into her eyes. She told me that she wanted one more kiss. She pursed her lips and I moved toward her. We met together, I kissed her, this time I wasn’t going to let her go. We kissed for it seemed like hours. I finally pulled back slowly and when I looked for that wonderful smile, I noticed that she was gone.

©2014 Bilodeau, H.D.

Sushi For A Maineah? You Kidding Me!

untitledThe famous saying ” you cant get there from he’ah”  is a Maine saying.  I look at Sushi in kind of that same retrospect. You cannot get that here. This is not true because you can get Sushi in Maine. A true home bread Maine resident was never brought up on eating raw fish. The fish we had was a bucket of hornpout or white perch, no tiger trout. We would of never thought to wrap this up in a rice patty and eat it like that. We might put a stick through the gills and roast it on the campfire.

I never could understand why someone would want to eat raw fish when cooking it seems like a better solution. Another thing is that Wasabi stuff you dip the rice cake into. I hear that will kill any bacteria on the fish you are eating. So next time you decide to eat raw fish, make sure to use the Wasabi. It works better than Listerine for killing off the bacteria. Sorry but I’m not eating anything that looks like a pinecone stripped down from a squirrel.imagesOXCBP642

There is something to say about introducing weird suppah’s to us Mainers. We might nod and say we like it. The truth is, we would rather be eating steak and potato’s. I was born and raised on steak and potato’s, no honey I am not going to eat that rice cake stuff rolled in squid. I don’t need diarrhea for a week, the Wasabi is way to hot for me which will give me Hemi’s, and I will take a T-bone for suppah, Thank You.images

Hope Everyone in the Northeast is staying under the radar and stoaking the fire, it is darn cold here. Still nursing this cold, but saw doctor feel good. She gave me a prescription of Sushi and Wasabi. Where is she from anyways? Please give a few comments, love to hear some on the Sushi debate.

© 2014 Bilodeau H.D.


Mild Dyslexia-Not The Common Way

untitledThere is cases of Dyslexia that really messes with a persons ability to read. Letters and numbers are all backwards. I can somewhat relate to this problem. Mine comes in my typing only. Many times when typing my letters are all mixed up. The mind knows what keys to hit but the fingers do another thing. Ex:  THE I will put TEH other similar runs of letters I do this too. Ok, call me strange, but it is a function that effects millions of people in the world. I have looked up this problem on the internet and find that two out of a million people have this mild form of Dyslexia.

I would send my papers to the professor, and I would notice some of the small runs of words were mixed up. Circled in red, TEH, ADN, and others. It was kind of embarrassing. I didn’t figure out why I kept having this issue. I did more research to find that anyone who chewed Teaberry Gum from Maine back in the 70’s or even picked the wild berry in the fall could succumb to this mild form of Dyslexia. This is the reason that people of my generation didn’t have any hand/eye coordination with Nitendo, or even Pac Man, like the kids do today.

I have corrected my problem of hitting letters on the keyboard in the incorrect fashion. I moved the letter ” H” and ” E”  on the keyboard. Now everything is back in order for me. Did I tell you that submarines have screen windows? I do have a slight problem with typing and my letters do get mixed up sometimes. I do feel for people with Dyslexia and cannot imagine the struggles they face. Good Morning everyone, I’m going to nurse this darn cough. Maybe a visit to doc today.

©2014 Bilodeau,H.D.

Thriving In The Artic

1215719-568624-sneportraet It has come to my attention, or many other people’s attention, that a cold snap has hit us here again in the Northeast. We just cannot seem to keep our toes warm. Simple things like starting a truck or a car is even a task that becomes us. Electron’s are almost like us, when cold we don’t move too well. So again, I try out the plow truck with an impending storm ahead and it does not start. Dam, so cold and somewhat windy and now I have to do the routine of getting out the jump starter and giving it a boost. I wish it was that easy when we are out in the cold. Plugging into something to give us a charge. This cold is no good for nothing. The deer herds are taking a beating trying to snuggle up in groups to keep warm with the fear of being attacked by the coyote in the region. The birds do not seem to care to much, I have seen them gathering food all day from the feeder. I wonder why you don’t see a plume of frost coming out of their beaks when they breath. I guess we humans are full of hot air. The darn toes are still cold , I even have my LLBean slippers on. The truck is out warming, I will make an attempt again to gather up enough energy to go out and put cold air into the almost flat tire on the old plow truck. I have plunged into a hot coffee but it still hasn’t hit the toes yet. I will get warm today somehow. Maybe one of those snuggies is not a bad idea, you just wont see me in the cow looking one. Ok, out to venture into the cold again, maybe my dog will warm me up if I could only get him to come inside. He likes the cold, I know he should be inside where it is warm. Everytime he comes to the doorway he has a stick in his mouth. Sorry buddy, that stick is not coming into this house. Stay warm folks, I’m going to try later myself.

© 2014 Bilodeau, H. D.

Under The Weather

untitled   I have been out and about,but under the weather. This is a saying meaning not feeling good. Sometimes it could be self infliction, other times it sneaks up on you via a virus. I got hit with the bug and in a big way. It really takes your mind and puts it on hold for a few days. I have never coughed so much as with this attack on my system. It started out with a cough and this has been the worst of this sickness. My wife doesn’t want to be around me, I’m feeling a little sheltered. It is kind of like being in a bubble. Maybe if I lived in a bubble I wouldn’t have received this virus. I’m on the backside of it starting today. I’m feeling much better but my bones in my chest hurt from all the coughing. This has to go down and being one of the worst for me. The body aches, chills, fever, about everything that goes with the flu bug. I even had a flu shot this year, I just do not get it. Things are looking up, the sun is out today and the birds are awaiting my presence. Cold Artic air is going to fall down from Canada and we are expecting negative digits. So back to the routine of tossing wood and stoaking the fire as we would say. Good day everyone. I wish I was in the Virgin Islands.



Riding the Gravitron

untitledSpinning things and I do not get along. I remember one fall we had a local fair and my wife and I wanted to take the kids for entertainment. We approached the fair and found parking. I could smell all the food from the venders, oh what a smell that was. We paid the attendant after parking and decided to take the kids through the animal building first. The kids were smiling and petting some of the lambs and all of a sudden, SMOOSH! I stepped my right foot right on animal secreation. I did a Curley Shuffle at that moment and almost lost my stomach. I wiped the stuff off as quick as possible as to not let it sink into the sole of my shoe.

Time to move on so we brought the kids down to the boardwalk where all the guys are hollering at you to spend money so you could get a 20 cent stuffed animal for like two dollars. You can see I’m really enjoying this. I could hear people in the distance laughing so we decided to walk to see what all the noise was all about. There right in front of us was the ride the Gravitron. People were just completing their ride and they were laughing and smiles from ear to ear. I thought, hey that is what I came here for, to have a wonderful time. I look back now at this picture. Do you see any smiling faces?gravitron_lg

I bought tickets for this ride and was standing in line looking at this monster of a ride. It had flashing lights all around it and was in the shape of a spaceship. It was making all kinds of noises and music was playing. It was an impressive looking ride. The door was  open and the line was moving forward. I walk into this spaceship thinking what the heck have I done to myself. The attendant tells everyone to get into position on the outside walls of this vessel and put the strap around your chest. In the center of the cylinder is where the guy operates the controls. The center is stays in one place with the outside which is left to spin. I’m in position, I say hello to both people on the sides of me. I can smell lamb poop, I hope no one else can. The loud speaker makes a squelch noise and the attendant tells us over the loud speaker, HERE WE GO. I’m thinking about this for a second. Where the heck are we going? The vessel starts picking up speed and I can now say I want off this ride. I really do not like spinning on anything. It reminds me of the late night drinking events. This things is moving like Mach 10 when all of sudden the floor I was standing on drops out from under foot. Ok, I am having an almost barf moment here. The people to either side are starting to look a little pale. I think I am pale too. I just do not see any enjoyment here. Why was all those people laughing when they came off before I decided to step on the Gravatron? The ride started to slow down and the floor remounted itself and finally it came to a stop. I took the strap off and fell right to the floor. At this moment I took a quick glance around and everyone else was laying down too. No one, and I mean no one at this point knew up from down, left from right, or even how to get out of this vessel. I crawled on my hands and knee’s and finally exited the ship. A link of information on spinning. Some people just live for this.33542main_hyper1

This was not a laughing matter. I was sick to my stomach, pale, and could smell lamb poop. I look out behind the fence and all the people are laughing. I understand now that it wasn’t the ride dwellers that were laughing it was the parents and other people that were smart enough to stand it out.  So I will never again in my life go on a spinning ride ,thanks to the Gravitron.

Quest For The Best

untitled  Society in general has always told you to strive for the best. It might come in sports, like when you was a kid, or in your professional career. Yes, always trying the  hardest at what you do. But is there any room in the middle? We as a society have been schooled from the beginning to always try the hardest and to get to the top. What about someone that just is not capable, but still very qualified at what they do?

I have to think back at when I was a child and all the neighborhood children, from the little ones, to the big ones, standing in lines with the captain’s picking their teams. Some children were just born athletes, and were the first chosen. In the middle there was some good players, and some that couldn’t hit the ball with a two-by-four. These last choices made these kids feel degraded. They were trying their best at what they could do. Their quest for the best was the same as the others but by selection they were degraded. I feel that people in society are chosen by personal feelings of another person and not by the quality of what they are capable of doing. We all have a strong desire to do the best at what we do. Others are just natural at what they do, it comes easy for them. Still do not count out the other players of the team. imagesWM85JTZF

Striving for what we want out of life is the same thing. We all have goals,hopes, and dreams for a better future. What has changed in the last fifty years is beyond me. I personally saw a big changes in America when NAFTA was created. This was fair trade agreement. I do believe in fair trade but something went wrong with the  program. No one is out there policing the program and some countries are getting more for the buck. The industrial nation that we were is falling at such a fast rate that I do not see this country surviving. Just in this area alone I saw the woolen mills go. Also all your mom and pop stores are gone and all the shoe shop industry go. Even the credit card companies are closing their doors. I just heard today that American LeFrance, a builder of Fire Trucks is closing its business. They have been around for many years. It is a sad place our country is becoming. I hope that it is still around when our children and grandchildren are out trying to survive this downfall. So What do you have to say about all this? Please leave a comment. Like to hear a few. This is a picture of a paper mill I worked at for 20 years which closed it doors in 2008.images39S5IG3Q

© 2014 Bilodeau,D.H.

Basic Electricity Project

untitledOk simple little Home Project- Adding a new light fixture to your room. When you pull the light out of the box you will see that it has three wires. Black wire, White wire, and green wire. The black wire will connect to your hot and the white wire connects to your neutral, green wire connects to ground. So for instance you want to run this light from a switch. Ok think of the switch only breaking the hot wire, or black wire. So coming from your electrical panel will be black,white, green. Run these wires to the switch box. Next run the wires to the light fixture. Only on the switch, hook up the black wires, wire nut the white wires together in the switch box and hook your green wire together. Now at your light fixture hook up the black to black, white to white, and green to green with wires nuts. Don’t forget the light bulb. This is a simple example. There is other ways to hook up the setup but this is the basic hook up. If you want to run this light from two different light switches this is what they call using three-way or four way switches. I only gave you an example of a simple light switch and a light. Make sure the power is off before making any of these connections. Shut off breaker at the lighting panel or pull main breaker. Follow your electrical codes in your area for wire sizing. Normal here in USA is either 14-2 with ground. This is rated for 15 amps. When I refer to ground this will be the bare copper wire in the  Romex or buy wire rated for 15 amps Safety First  .©2014 Dwayne BilodeauuntitledPicture from

Your Alarm My Alarm

imagesA2GVRIWXI never understood this logic. Two alarm settings on the clock for my spouse to get up early. The first one set and the other 45 minutes away. The only problem I see here is that I do not have to work in the morning and my spouse is sleeping on the main floor on the couch.

This first alarm wakes me up and I go downstairs, start the coffee, cook up some bacon, and start French Toast all before the second alarm goes off. I make sure the spouse is fed good before she goes off to work. I still do not understand this alarm logic. Why set the alarms if you don’t plan on waking up to them. They were not certainly set for me were they?

Our lives are programmed and set and reset by electronic devices. One of these days in the future there will be no alarms so I might as well enjoy the joy of an alarm, right? Beep- Beep- Beep,  time to get up! Oh that was the coffee pot telling me it is ready. Beep- Beep- Beep, that is the neighbor driving by saying hello in the morning. Beep- Beep- Beep, Oh man that is the second alarm. I think I’m going crazy.

©2014 Dwayne Bilodeau


Journey Within The Outskirts

untitledA friend of mine called the other day wanting me to drive his way and go ice fishing. The preparations for this trip was going to be quick. I had to check my ice fishing traps making sure the spools still turned and the line wasn’t broken. I tugged on a few lines to make sure they wouldn’t break and caught my finger on a hook. I don’t know but there must be a magnet on those hooks because I always catch a finger on one. With all traps inspected it was time to make sure I had the proper clothing for a day on the ice.

I checked my dresser draws for my long johns and made sure to have layers of clothing. A tee-shirt, then lighter long sleeve shirt, then a hoodie. With all the clothing accounted for it was time to eat breakfast, then take my blood pressure pills, have a coffee. I then had to make sure I have a lunch for the day of fishing. I don’t usually have fish when I’m fishing. I like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with a bag of plain potato chips. I’m weird like that sometimes. Oh here comes trouble. Trouble is my dog and now he has concerns that I’m going somewhere. Not today there Sparky, another time I will take you. Those sad eyes are to die for, come on daddy, Please! not today, son. So , with all the food gathered it was time to load up the truck. I have my traps, ice auger, bait bucket, and food. Guess I’m ready for the trip. The travel is going to take 45 minutes into moose country. The roads might be slippery, ok maybe 55 minutes this morning.

This is a picture of me at Webb Lake, Weld, Maine last winter. Check the mountains in the background. Really beautiful. That is a brook trout I’m holding. This is what I am going to try and catch today. Elusive little creatures. Also if your into hiking there is trails that bring you to the top of Tumbledown Mountain. Check out the Lake in the middle. Beautiful up there.33980_3887727172115_1911327579_n

imagesDNNVRDPY6d43af0e7d37c14c7c9c8e3246d07900cac8ea7bI always enjoy traveling to this lake. Webb Lake in Weld, Maine. It is gods country, one of the most beautiful places around. Tumbledown Mountain in the background. It can be very cold on this lake with the wind whipping down the mountain. An ice shack is needed up there because Weld has their own weather pattern I swear. You just never know what the weather is going to be and it changes quickly. I’m looking forward to a beautiful day of fishing with friends and hope luck comes my way . Good Day Everyone.

©2014 Dwayne Bilodeau

John and Ralph

  untitled They had been planning a trip to Alaska for three years. This was going to be a camping trip like no other. John called Ralph again to make sure he was bringing his 30-30 rifle and enough ammo to last the two weeks they planned in the deep woods. Ralph asked John to make sure he had all the fishing gear and if he had to go to the store for anything. You know, last minute stuff. Looks like we have everything and Ralph told him he was going to pick up John at 0500 hrs. Be ready be square. John was wondering what he meant by be ready be square. Ralph always was making comments like this that totally made no sense. Oh, that was the way he was. A good nights sleep and off for our vacation of a lifetime. The airplane was taking off at 0700 hrs and we better be on time.

Ralph was honking the horn early this morning. John woke up early and had a coffee so he was quite ready. The trip to the airport was non eventful, with Ralph chatting all the way. Some people just talk to much, John had a headache now. The two of them gathered their gear and took them to customs to check it in. The rifle was going to be mailed by Ralphs’ wife and would arrive before they landed in Fairbanks. They both loaded into the airplane with John taking the window seat. images

The trip so far was very long and one can only read the magazines in the back of the seat so many times when you start going a little stir crazy. The plane had been flying for about four hours when suddenly there was a loud bang, a vibration under foot. The plane started gyrating up and down and baggage started falling from the cargo holds. We could hear alarms going off and the oxygen mask had extended. John and Ralph looked at each other and both knew that they were in big trouble. The plane started a decent like no other and the angle inside looked like we were going straight down, nose first. This went on for about a few minutes when the plane felt like it was starting to level off when all of the sudden the whole fuselage exploded. I could see people flying in the air and both John and I were bouncing off the walls of the plane. I hollered for John, and kept hollering. There was smoke bellowing, black, and I could see some fire ahead of us. People were screaming to the top of their lungs. Coughing, this black putrid smoke, to get even a little breath of air. The plane came to a stop and I knew we had crash landed somewhere. images

Ralph, Ralph ? Yes, I am right here John, you going to be ok? I don’t think so I’m coughing up blood and my right arm is severed. Please tell my wife I loved her, nonsense John, you are going to make it. Remember we are going on this camping trip together. We are going to walk right out of here and continue with our trip. Ralph? I’m not going to make it, you are my best friend, Tell my children I was the best daddy and I loved them. At that moment Johns’ color changed and he was gone. Ralph was devastated, his best friend was gone. imagesYL59QIUJ

Ralph had to figure out how to get out of the airplane. The smoke was choking him so badly that he had to escape now. He could see people gathering to the right side. This must be where the exit is located. Ralph made his way to the doorway and jumped. A slide was deployed upon impact so that emergency rescue was possible. Ralph slid all the way down to the bottom not knowing where he was in the first place. It was daylight, that he could tell through the black smoke. When he finally was able to get his feet underneath himself he took a look around to see where they might of landed. Certain things stated to look familiar, scents around him smelled like coffee. He could hear a bark in the distance and someone next to him where he was standing. Oh god where am I ? A voice, so gentle and pretty had  spoken. Honey! I made you breakfast, and made sure that all your bathroom supplies are packed. I wanted to make sure you was ready for the trip.imagesYZXJ2I7C

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driving_on_ice_02Being on the edge, lack of stability. Often I have thought about this when looking out over the ice covered lakes around the region. Fisherman have brought their vehicles out onto the ice to get closer to the ice shacks, not wanting to walk. I for one have practiced this method. Taking a chance that the ice would be thick enough to hold the weight of my truck.

Stories are read in the papers of people who have lost their life going to the bottom of the Lake not being able to release themselves from the cold and icy waters. So precarious are the thickness of the ice at times. The sun has been shinning and warm temperatures for a three day spell. The ice in one place can be thick enough but what if your near a rock, an outlet, or inlet. What if you have never been to this lake before and not sure of where the inlets and outlets are located.

A few years ago I witnessed a man that had falling through the ice. This was a beautiful day and warm temperatures. It was also the last day of fishing which was the end of March. This man wanted one more chance to catch a trout. I was driving by the lake and noticed at first at how black the ice looked. This usually is indication that the ice is about ready to be open water. From the corner of my eye I saw something splashing in the water or ice. This man was about 200 feet from shore and was trying to self rescue himself. He had put himself in a PRECARIOUS position that morning. The signs were all around him of the possible dangers. I stopped my vehicle and with my fire radio called in for assistance. He was able to self rescue himself. He was very cold and he was put into an ambulance to warm up.Thin-Ice-630x389

I still think about this one incident of a family out for a joy ride one night on the lake who ended up at the bottom of the lake. Sad story yes, driving at night puts you in a much worse condition. You certainly cannot see where the inlets and outlet are located. Sometimes the ice will fracture from pressure on the lake and a big crack will open up. You could drive right into one of those and the next morning the crack would close right back up.article-2537078-1A85BC2000000578-123_634x367

I know we all take chances, I for one. The older I get, the wiser I get. With that said, I will think three times now about driving my truck out on the ice. I don’t want to put myself into a precarious position. What do you think about this? There is a reward for being safe on the ice.33980_3887727172115_1911327579_n

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Fragmented Patterns

images  Where in time has things always come together in one place? Everything has a pattern, like a puzzle that has to be organized together to be organized into one great conclusion. We move on through life trying to organize our life into a pattern. A path into life to make sure we are doing what makes sense. Can we as humans be organized enough to piece together a life of completing the puzzle? We are programmed into a life of organized patterns. Grade school, then meet someone, then have children. Buy a car, then a house. We move on in an organized sequence. Have you ever wondered how this program started. It is the same pattern, fragmented or not. but a pattern that somewhere in time was started. We can move on through our lives and try to deviate, but we always are brought back to the same thing. Lines, squares, circles, whatever you call it. It is a sequence that we have no control over. What can break a pattern that has always been?

It really does amaze me how we are so programmed, we are one. The same,  no other planet can change how we exist. As Ayn Rand stated, there is no we, but I. So I can be different, but this will break the pattern of life. Why cannot we change the way things are, who developed them, I will have to move on through life and be part of this fragmented life. Do not change this life, it was set in stone. I cannot change it.

©2014 Dwayne Bilodeau