Repunzel Toss Me A Rope

rapunzel_towerFunny how when you analyze some of the fairy tales you have to stop and really dig in. My boy came over one day and was watching Repunzel with his daughter and thought about how the prince hollered up to Repunzel. LET DOWN YOUR HAIR. She tosses her long golden locks out over the castle edge so that he can come up to rescue her. Ok, now take a closer look. If she tosses out her hair for him to climb up then how are both of them going to get down without him cutting her hair and tying it to a bed post. Hum!

The Wizard of Oz, we have all watched this from beginning of time. They are walking up to the castle through a field of poppies. Isn’t this what heroin is made from? I have no proof, and only speculating, but that show was written with drugs inducing the mind. Another is, Alice in Wonderland. Just the title makes you think about drugs. She is sitting on magic mushrooms. Things just aren’t always as they seem to the viewer. Beep! Beep! How many times has the roadrunner been in the vicinity of bombs going off. How come he always survives?

I have to come back to reality and go out and clean up a foot of snow we just received here in Maine. Think about other stories and give some input into how and why something can happen in other stories. I have to go wax my red sled because today is the big competition. Good day stay safe.




  1. My favorite was when I learned the writer of Popeye based it on a friend of his who was a heroin addict. The spinach that made him strong represented the heroin. Just think of the creepy characters too…..Brutus…..Whimpy who never had any money and was always borrowing. Savory crowd for sure!


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