Another Gray Hair

159431914_old-geezer-man-latex-mask-grey-hair-halloween-costume-What the heck was I thinking when I thought I would never have grey hair. I had dirty blond hair as a young man and thought this would be the color forever. The blond hair has been intruded upon with old man time. It started out a few here and there. You know what I mean? A little on the whiskers, then I noticed some on the head from time to time. Ok, I can just pluck a few of those and that will take care of it. Well, over a period of a year I had to stop this plucking business because I was a little on the short end when it came to hair. My twin brother inherited that gene, I came from the pig clan or something. I started to notice that more grey was coming out when getting a haircut. No one is going to want my hair for wigs, right? Old man time was sneaking up on me faster than I knew it.

I realized now there is nothing that can stop it. I’m not going to put dye in my hair because I know somehow that I would end up with black lips or something like that. Maybe my ears would turn a different color. Hey that’s and idea! New fad, dying your ears.

I guess me myself and I are going to have to get along with the count down in years and start enjoying the better days ahead. What the heck, that is not another grey hair in my soup is it? You kind of get used to the fact that not only is it turning grey, it is also falling off. That will have to be another story. I’m going to go take it easy in my rocking chair. Good night.

Copyright &nbsp2013 Dwayne Bilodeau – All Rights Reserved

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