My Sea Snark Adventure’s

untitledWhen I was young, I dreamed of sailing a boat. Where we lived, when grocery shopping, you would get green stamps at the store after you checked out. There was a store with all sorts of items that you could purchase with these green stamps after collecting a certain amount.

In the book was a Sea Snark with a Budweiser Sail. The boat was made of Styrofoam and was of good size. It had a rudder that you would slide down through the middle of the boat. After saving enough green stamps I was able to get this boat. I took it home and assembled the necessary pulleys and ropes for the sail. I was so excited to try this sailboat, and made my way to the nearest lake.

I had done some reading about how to sail. If the wind was behind you all you had to do was pull the sail in a little and let the wind behind you push you. I set the sail and off I went . What a great ride I had and then it was time to tack, coming back from where I started. Argh! This is very hard because you have to go across the lake back and fourth to get back . It can be a long process tacking but your still having fun the whole way. I would take this boat to all the local lakes around the area. I can say that was some of the best times as a young man. I cannot imagine being in a large sailboat.  The Sea Snark lasted me a few years and I believe I sold it to another person. You know I cannot remember what the heck happened to it. I’m sure I sold it to someone.

I believe that a small sailboat like this for gift to any young person would be the gift they will never forget. I never had so many laughs. Sometimes I would get that boat leaning so hard that I would tip over. If you lean on the other side of the boat it would upright itself. Still a lot of fun just falling over into the water. Enough said, I wish they still had green stamps because it really was a treat.


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