Rolling Down 295 out of Portland Maine

untitledA song I remember growing up. I believe Jackson Brown wrote this but it really brings back memories of my younger years. Rolling down 295 out of Portland Maine .The Song Nothing But Time. Jackson Brown. Growing up in Maine myself,and the crazy things my friends and I would do just for a good time. I remember the days when drinking and driving was what young people would do for a good night out. I look back now and think how crazy this was. It was the time, just after the Vietnam War and young dwellers didn’t have a worry in the world but cruising down 295 out of Portland, Maine. The boys and I would grab a twelve pack each and drive to a concert at the Civic Center. We would hit 295 out of Falmouth Maine and cruise right into Portland. We didn’t have GPS devices or any maps. I today will have to use my GPS on my phone to get there. So funny how times have changed. Songs from the past will come up and put me in a place I remember from childhood. The good ole days. You ever get a chance listen to this. It is a great one.

Copyright &nbsp2013-2014 Dwayne H. Bilodeau – All Rights Reserved

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