Glitters Of Hope

santa-sleigh_1780995cThe lights are glittering and the sounds around me are bringing a warmth. I have awaken early this Christmas morning with the silence, and sit and think of all the many Christmases I have been witness too. My own family are home, all in the house for this wonderful time of year. They have their own family’s now but they have become our family too. We are older now, but still enjoy this holiday because we get to see their faces when gifts are opened and see the smiles on their faces. Santa has arrived during the night. I know this is true because I see footprints coming out from the fireplace and steps move closer to the Christmas tree. Early this morning I heard a thump on the roof, I know I did. I went downstairs to inspect, making sure it wasn’t an intruder. You know we get a lot of them this time of year. I also noticed that the cookies we laid out were almost gone and the milk was empty in the glass. Someone has been here, I must do more of an investigation. I’m going outside now because things are adding up but I want proof that he was here. I walk to the other side of the deck and where reindeer food was thrown on the ground, I see the food is almost gone. It has to be Santa and his reindeer have paid a visit. Looking around I find a small fiber, I’m bringing it inside for further inspection. You know I have a microscope that I saved from my tenth Christmas. Looking through the viewer of the scope I can see this is truly red fibers. There is only one place this could come from. Santa’s suit! He didn’t fail us this year and I guess everyone at this house has been good. I’m going to save this red fiber and put it in the photo album I received on my eleventh Christmas.


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