Madonna And I Go Way Back

madonna PICThe year was around 1980-1981 and I was living in Phoenix Arizona. Downtown there was the Phoenix Coliseum which would hold concerts from time to time. They would also have free concerts at the place. A friend of mine lived across the street from the place in a small house. He would call me whenever there was a concert of interest. Hey Dewey, There is a concert in town why don’t you come down here and we can drink some beer before the show. Ok, sounded like a good time, so off to a concert I was going. untitled

We sat around all afternoon drinking beer’s and was ready to have a good night. The concert was starting in 20 minutes so we decided to walk over the Coliseum to check out the people. I was walking up to front steps and all along the chain link fence was young girls wearing short skirts and what looked like they were wearing a bra and no shirt. Hey! Hey! Hey! I tell my friend it doesn’t get any better than this. Maybe we should go and try to find out more about these girls. Very strange seeing this style of dress. I have to tell you that I am from the East Coast, New England, Maine. I was not used to seeing kids dress like this. Oh well this is city life I’m thinking.CelebrMadonnaBW

We moved ourselves into the Coliseum and see what kind of show this was going to be . Lord and behold most of the girls in here were dressed in the same fashion. What the heck is going on? I asked my friend. He replied I’m not sure maybe a Rocky Horror Picture show or something. Ha, that is funny Ralph. We decided to ask around. You never know until you ask right? We walked up to this one young girl dressed in lace and jewelry all over her and asked her a question. Who is playing in the show tonight? She Replied, Silly, It’s Madonna. Ok, right Madonna. I looked at her with a frown. I’m supposed to know who this singer is, right. It sure doesn’t look like a Crosby-Stills-Nash-and Young concert. Who was this young singer anywho? IMG_1699%20(Medium)

It turns out this singer was going to take over the music industry like no other. Madonna is still very famous today. This was a free concert that I went too, remember? So you never know who your going to run into in time, who really might turn out to be someone famous. I will tell you about my Merv Griffin story another time. Good Day Everyone and Happy Holiday’s.
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    1. Yes, going to a Madonna concert when she was just becoming a star. It was really weird seeing those girls lined up a the fence before the concert. I thought it was a costume party. Enjoy your day.


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