Don’t Take Away My Santa

untitledFor several years I have always been asked what I want for Christmas. Well, Let me tell you how I feel about this subject.

When I was a young child when it was time for Christmas it was all about being surprised with gifts. We received either an apple or an orange, pajama’s, socks, underwear, and one toy. Not really this bad but I wanted to show you that it really didn’t matter what we received because it was a surprise. Today I am asked the questions of what do I want for Christmas. Can’t this holiday be just like Thanksgiving? The fact that my children, and my granddaughter, are coming here to see us is my surprise. To me, it is all about being around them and being festive. I really do not care about receiving gifts. I have what I need and these days less is better.  I don’t need a purple monkey to kick around the bedroom.

This holiday has become an income generator for the country. Not to be a scrooge here, but doesn’t it seem that way? The commercials come on before Thanksgiving and don’t stop for a month or more. So many lives in this country are stressed to the max and their budges are deleted. We can enjoy the holiday’s but with family, my orange ,and spider man pajama’s.


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