In Preparation

12__9Get ready we could be in for a wild ride. Reports coming in for possible ice storm. I remember 1998 like it was yesterday. In New England we always took storms with an iron chin. No problem for us Northerner’s.

What we never knew was that this storm was about to devastate the area. Where I live we were without power for 15 days. I just remember the tree’s falling all over the place. If you went outside you could here a tree cracking every few mintues. I also remember wires coming down all over the place. We were not prepared.

Starting tonight and right through the weekend we are suppose to get freezing rain. We are getting a heads up from the weather service to get ready. People listen to what they are saying. Maine is going to get hit. The northern part of the State will received 12-14 inches of snow but anywhere in the southern part of the State is going to get a possible .50 inches of ice. Don’t get caught with your pants down like 98.

I have started the generator, made sure I have gasoline, batteries, and other supplies. Sorry I’m anal like that. I am a Firefighter so I must be prepared incase I am out doing other stuff during the storm. The chainsaw is ready, and it will go into the truck if things start getting bad. I don’t want to sound hysterical but ice is real bad on power lines and tree’s, let alone trying to walk on surfaces. Whoops! Smack! right on your bum. If you are going to burn candles make sure to blow them out before you go to bed. If running a generator, make sure to put it in a well ventilated area. Not in your cellar! Carbon Monoxide is the silent killer. 0.97 vapor density. It is lighter than air or very close to air, and can form in the same region as we breath normal air. Get some drinking water stored and don’t forget, I repeat again- Gasoline. Make sure to have enough food and folks you might not have TV, Nitendo, X-box, or other electronic devices. So get ready to do some camping within your own house. Take care, Be Safe, Look out for one another.818-tulsa-ice-storm-dec-9-2007


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