Donation of Life

untitledI haven’t giving blood since 1981. I had a bad experience back in Arizona. The guy was a newbie and I was the guinea pig. It was a mobile unit that was setup at my school. The guy proceeded to put the needle into my are and nothing came out. He then tried to find the vessel by moving the needle back and fourth. I noticed that he was starting to turn palor. I told him to relax and said it is ok just take his time. The color was leaving him real fast then he collapsed to the floor. The other technicians had to remove him. I kinda felt bad for this guy but really wonder if he stayed into the field. It wasn’t too long afterward that I noticed bumps in my arm. These were scar tissue that built up because he was digging around trying to find my vessel. So that is really the reason I didn’t give blood for a long time.

I do believe that giving blood is the best thing to do. I would want blood if I ever was in need. My blood is o negative which is the universal donor. I can give mine to any other blood type. The only problem is that I can only received o negative. Maybe I’m wrong in today’s standards but that is how it used to be. I do feel that I made a little difference and felt good doing it.  Give someone a life- Go out and donate. Ya, Listen to me trying to make a pledge. I do believe so much in the Red Cross and all they do. Happy Holiday’s


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