Ends Meat

images1ZCRXCXHFunny how we hear sayings and you wonder who in the heck came up with them. For instance- Ends Meat. It usually means someone is just getting by, scrapping for the last bits. The last bit of meat, the end of it. How about the bottom of the barrel. I often think about this one as a bunch of Stevedore’s after offloading a ship. They find one barrel of whiskey and are at the bottom of the barrel. Four drunken dock workers at the bottom. Another one is, cat gotcha tongue. Whoever had this happen had all rights to name this one. This really means a person is very quiet. Here is another, frog in your throat. This refers to something stuck in your throat and you are having trouble, maybe coughing. I just cannot imagine someone from another country coming here and trying to learn our language. We have slang words for everything. You hungry? How about pigs in a blanket. Now really how many people have been witness to pigs in blankets. This refers to a roll like dough wrapped around a hotdog. Even that is a funny word. Hotdog- Was this in reference to a dog, a wiener, you know the low to the ground dogs, the Dachshund. Certainly we have developed sayings or snippets that refer to a lot of stuff. Oh, a snippet is like the ketchup that is stuck to the bottle on the rim. I got to go because it is colder than a witches left titty. Good day everyone.blogengage, rss, affiliatelights, recurring commissions



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