These Walls Around Me

images4L5BVXD1The days can be cold and long here in Maine. I was observing an elderly woman today and she said something that tugged at my heart. She asked the owner of the store what he does to keep busy. He told the old lady this is it. I work here and perform everyday business, this keeps me busy.She told him I wish I had something to do. The walls have been closing up on me. Really sad when I thought about this for a moment. She was probably a widow and had no children around. She didn’t have any hobbies, or anyone to give the stuff to. The temperature outside has been awfully cold and it is not even winter yet. I felt for this older lady because she has a long winter ahead of her and probably no one to come home to. This was an observation that made me think real hard. We are getting older too. Time is of the essence. I better get a move on life or the walls are going to close on me too.


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