Shall It Be Duty

untitledAn unspoken relationship you wouldn’t really understand if you have never been in the Armed Services. I have not, and try not, to be any expert on anything pertaining to such. I can understand how your comrades have a connection with you no matter what branch of the service, or what wars you fought in. It is this connection that no other can explain unless you were there. We run across men and woman on civilian grounds and tap their backs to thank them for their service. It is this what us Americans have a duty to the United States of American. Our children have fought these wars and have been witness to horrific incidents in time. They deserve every respect from their fellow-men and woman. I ran into a fellow at an incident where I live the other night. He was in a car accident and went off the highway and rolled over his vehicle. His license plate stated Vietnam Vet. It took me back in time of him as a young man walking in the jungles with his comrades. He walked past me and my other piers and the exact words out of his mouth. I am a Vietnam Vet, I don’t take crap from no one. For what this man had been through as a young man I am positive he wasn’t kidding.

The impacts we all have been witness to in our years are etched. We cannot forget the moments in history, and this man is a keeper of this history. Some will talk and others will hold this information because it is too painful. We Americans do understand. We have been witness to the collapse of the World Trade Center. We will not forget. So many lives lost and impacts to so many family’s. Time will heal the wounds. I do not really believe this statement . How can you heal a wound that never healed?  It is an open wound forever. People say our Government needs to take care of these people. Yes they need to help, but these are our people, and we all need to help in any way possible. You and I are no different. We breath the same air. I have a Ford and you have a Chevy. I don’t really think we are any different ,we still sit down and turn the wheels the same way.

I hope this gave some perspective into a Non Veteran Status. Please never forget these veterans of war, or other horrific events in history. Do however, remember they are human just like you and I.


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