Minus What?

outhouse-1024x768It sure can get cold in these hills in Central Maine. Waking up this morning and getting ready to cook breakfast for my spouse and I decided to look at the outside temperature. I have a LLBean unit that records the inside and outside temperature. I see 8 degree’s showing, no, -8 degree’s F, which is very cold and it is not even winter yet. Cold temperatures like this can really cause havoc around here. We did get a ton of snow, wait a ton? That is 2000 pounds and I bet we received more than a ton. It is the snow factor that insulates things around here. The exposed items like car batteries and outside toilets get the brunt of the cold temps around here. You ever hear of kids putting their tonuge on a cold pipe and sticking right to it? Well, sitting on a cold seat in the outhouse has the same effect. If you are ever at the beach in the summer look for people with rings around their buttock region. They are probably from Central Maine. The cold is only good for one thing around here and that is making ice or making snow. We need ice for our drinks when we are ice fishing. We also need ice when making snow at the local ski areas. Sometimes when you reach temperature’s like this around here, you think there is car accident’s all over the place. One car head on into another but with no damage. Usually this means someone’s battery has died and they are jump starting the other car. Another thing you see around here is a lot of nostrils stuck together. I listen to the scanner and all day there is 911 calls for stuck noses. When you breath out of your nose moisture is built up around the inside of your passages and when you inhale back through your nose the insides stick together. It takes a heat gun at a hospital to get those stickers back away. So when we see digits like that on our thermostat it really makes people think what would it be like in Alaska. I am sure the hooch  they make over there keeps the blood thinned out. There is a cure for everything. I have to go get some wood into the stove so I can try and mend this ring around the butt problem for my trip to Florida. Good Day Everyone. Happy Holiday’s 
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