To A Civil War

9505500-desert-panorama--endless-sand-dunes-at-sunset--murzuq-desert-sahara-libyaLiving in Arizona and going to college was an interesting adventure. I moved to Phoenix in 1980 from Lake Tahoe area. My twin brother was living in the city and convinced me to move to Arizona. He was going to a tech school and told me about a technician program there. I enrolled, and started my college experience.

The last trimester of school was devoted to interviews with companies. Big name companies. TRW, HUGHES SPACE AND COMMUNICATIONS, HUGHES RADAR, and other technical companies in the California area, Silicon Valley Region. There was some companies that were overseas and those were the big paying jobs. I remember back then you could make 28 thousand a year on those jobs.untitled

I interviewed for this one company that searched for oil in Libya. I had my first interview and was waiting for my second interview when the US Government told all Americans to leave Libya. This was my chance at getting a good job, and I was excited. You would work two weeks, then two weeks off. You could go anywhere in the world except United States. This was a two year commitment. Lots of guys had rentals all over the world and would share places. It was a good thing I didn’t get that job. It was a violent time in that region and the job I was looking at was working in the desert working on the equipment that would find oil.sahara-lorry2

I tried getting a job with Hughes but they would come to the school and interview 300 kids and only hire one. Usually they would find some kid with a 4.0 GPA who was from the west coast. I however was from the east coast. The questions asked was, How come you moved to the west? How do we know your not going to run back home as soon as we hire you? Gave me a lot of confidence in the interviews. I’m glad that I did run back to the East Coast. I am a New Englander, true to my heart. If I would of received a job offer in Libya it sure would of been a long ride
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