Visions-We Must Stop For A Moment

http-inlinethumb26_webshots_com-42329-2245234350103830173S600x600Q85Glistening on the windows from the frost that has molded.Beautiful and spectacular formations within the framework. Art from mother nature can be a site to see. You know the saying, wake up and smell the roses? We should all take a moment in time and stop and take a breath. Enjoy what is right in front of our eyes. Beauty that has been formed from nature. We live a very hectic life at times with children’s needs and our own needs. Important times we have to be there or here at a moments notice. We are stressed, we have been taught from the beginning. So every once in awhile we have to stop and look what is front of you. I stopped this morning to take a look at the chick-a-dee’s in the bird feeder. I looked at the snowflakes blowing around. Darn, I don’t even do drugs and look what I see. As you get older you have the permission to stop and smell the roses. We have earned it. I stopped and looked at the Christmas tree tonight. The lights beaming and glittering. So many memories passed within my mind. The times with my mom and dad and my brothers. Then with my own two children who now are adults. It brought solitude, stopping and thinking about this. I’m going to wake up tomorrow with a renewed sense. Maybe, I will stop for a moment and reflect on the times I would build caves in the snow banks. Also, the times of sledding with the neighborhood kids. I might just stay in bed a little longer and think about stuff. I need to get moving because the roses will coming out soon.
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