Interesting Drive This Morning

portland-snow-apAfter working nights and coming home with driving conditions horrible I made it home safely. It has been a long time here in New England, Maine to be exact, that we received this much snow. We do have State roads where I live but only one going through where I live. All the other roads are secondary and take some time to get cleaned out early in the morning. I’m not clear how much snow we have at this point, maybe twelve inches so far. We here in Maine say this is a Wicked snow event. So I’m at the point do I go out and battle the storm again or go to bed and clean it when I wake up. Decisions are not computing after working all night. The snow is welcomed in this part of the country. There is a lot of businesses that rely on this for their income. Snowmobiling is really big in this part of the country. I must get another one of these machines again. At one time I had three and now I have none. I have thought about a four wheeler because you can use it a lot more than a snowmobile. Decisions again. Why do I ask myself these anyway?. Well it is a Wicked Storm and we are liking it. ???????????

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