The Path Beyond

article-2157643-138DE583000005DC-991_964x882It was going to be a great day for as much as I could tell, opening the zipper of the dome tent that Becca and I were in. The wind was blowing very hard but the sun was out and our adventure to the other side of Toshibakin in the Great North part of the world was what we had been dreaming of for years and now after saving everything we owned, this was reality. Come on Becca wake up, as she stirred about. I grabbed her leg and shook her again and this time Becca sat up with the lazy eyes looking at me and a smirk on her face. It is time to get up and get some coffee and a little food into us because the journey today is going to take us to within ten miles south of the ice cap. It is here that gold and diamonds can be found at the bottom of the ridges just by scrapping with shovels. One or two diamonds and a pocket of gold will be all we need to get back to civilization and live like king’s and queen’s. We ate our breakfast and packed up all our belongings and strapped on our mountaineering skis and off on our journey we went. It was bitter cold and both Becca and I had just put on our facemask when something was heard over the howling wind. It sounded like a roar of some wild animal. Polar bears were plenty in this region of the world and it was starting to creep me out. I had brought a pistol for protection and couldn’t bring a rifle because of the size. I pulled the pistol out just incase something surprised us. Becca, and I moved on and it was getting toward the end of the day when we heard that roar again. Behind us we saw the great beast prancing on all fours and charging at us. Becca was ahead of me and I stumbled to get the pistol out of the holder when the bear took a slash at Becca’s head and I saw blood immediately pouring out of her neck region. I pulled the gun up and shot three times. The bear just ran off and I was not sure if I had even hit him but the bear was running away. I now had to see how Becca was doing. I find her laying in a pool of blood and it looks like an arterial wound. I try pushing down on her neck to slow the bleeding but cannot stop it. I start to weep and I’m shaking violently from shock. The woman that I was part of was dying within my arms. I grabbed her neck and pulled her to my lips for one last kiss. She was everything to me and with one quick and unknown factor she was gone within my eyes. I laid her head back down, looked out over the ice ahead, and could see something glittering. The diamonds were reflecting the light and sparkling. I was close and wanted so bad to show Becca. She would of wanted me to move on and follow my dreams. 

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